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 Post subject: OFFICIAL FORUM RULES (Read as soon as you register)
 Post Posted: Thu Sep 06, 2012 10:00 pm 
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Thu Mar 24, 2011 9:09 pm

This here be the rules of the forum. If you break them, you'll be warned. Repeatedly breaking them will result in a ban. So listen closely ;)

The Moderators' Three Strike Policy

If you break a general, less serious rule. the mods will investigate. Sometimes people break them without knowing, such as accidentally making a double post. if it's done on purpose, no worries :). But if it's done repeatedly, you'll start to draw the attention of the mods. If they notice the rules are deliberately broken, you'll get a warning.

One warning is fine. You're still allowed on the forum and nobody will keep it against you. Two warnings are bound to irritate some people but no action will be taken other than a polite request to stop whatever you're doing that's upsetting anybody.

With the third warning you get banned for a week. After that you're on a thin ice. Another warning means another ban, this time for a month. The sixth warning means you're banned for life and can never come back, not even with another account.

However, do something serious like bully people, and you will get banned immediately. No questions, no warning. Wondering what they are? Look below:

Serious Infractions

1. Racism, Sexism, Homophobia as well as General Abuse and Bullying are not tolerated in any shape or form, which will likely result in a last warning if unintentional or the usual instant banning if the posts are deemed to be intentional by the moderator team. No-one likes to be called names or abused because of one of their traits so please don't do it. :) It has happened before, and the ban-hammer has drawn blood.

2. Posting M or high T rated fic directly onto the forum.

Less Serious Infractions

These rules are ones where the moderators are not so strict with punishments, but should nevertheless be followed. :)

1. Swearing: Swearing is not allowed. If you feel it is necessary to say a swear word, replace the word with "-R18-". Generally more funny that way as well. Uncensored swear words in fanfics are permitted as long as it is not used excessively. Just give a warning at the start of the fic.

2. Fanfic: Writing fanfic's is perfectly fine, even encouraged. However, anything with really explicit violence or sexy stuff beyond involved snogging is out. If you're unsure, either ask someone for an opinion, or let your mum read it. If you're not comfortable with your mum reading it, don't post it. There's a general guide in the fanfic section as to what is acceptable and what's not.

3. Chat speak: Slang is fine and abbreviations are ok, provided it's possible to understand them, but dnt ys cht speek xtensivly. Gives people a headache trying to figure it out, and most of us come here to unwind. Also, caps. Capital letters indicate you're screaming so please use them with care. NOTHING IS AS ANNOYING AS ALWAYS LISTENING TO SCREAMING PEOPLE!!

4. Roleplays: Don't overpower your character and don't use other people's characters, even with their permission. If you want to ask a person a question in the roleplay, use double brackets, for example: ((ask question here)). For more specific details ask on the Life thread or look for one of the more active members of the roleplay.

5. Spambots: Spambots are fake accounts that advertise anything from kitchen wares to weight-loss pills. Don't reply to these posts, it just encourages the bots and we have enough of them as it is, thank you very much.

6. Necroing: Please don't reply on threads that have been inactive for more than a month. If it's a legitimate reason, that's fine, but if you're not sure, please ask a moderator before going ahead.

7. Sub-section relevance: Please ensure all threads are posted in the appropriate sub-section as to increase convenience for others in the forum to find the thread. The sub-sections have a clear overview of what should reside within them.

8. Double Posts: Please don't make multiple posts without anyone replying. If you have something to say later on, we'd much rather you edit the first one and indicate that you have done so.

So long as you stick within these guidelines, feel free to post anything you like! :D

The Moderators
-Mecblade, Amaya, ScottishLaura and M@ngomon.


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