Mark Who?



I am the world’s laziest man.

No…really. Not just a bit slack, really, truly, breathtakingly lazy.

Which is why it’s taken me so long to get off my big, lazy rear end and get myself properly on-line.

I’m the author of the HIVE series of books which I hope that some of the people who stumble across this might have read and enjoyed. Or read and hated…

I am fortunate enough to live with the two most beautiful women on earth. And yes of course I’m hoping they’ll read that and forgive me for any one of the incredibly stupid things I’ll do this month.

I have yet to hold down anything even vaguely approximating a proper job.

I did help make video games a while ago but that was not the best environment for someone as lazy as me. This site was put together for me by my best friend who is the Anti-Mark and therefore the world’s most practical man. He is Bobs or Greybreard the Stupid Pirate, whichever you prefer and still fights bravely in the video-game creation trenches. He is also the original owner of Otto who is the cat whose name I stole for the central character in the books.

This is Otto.


Fear him.  Obey him.

I hope you like the site and if you do, feel free to leave a comment or post on the forums. I will try not to be too lazy and actually update regularly.

Unless deadlines are looming…in which case I’ll be locked in a cupboard with a laptop trying to ignore the internet while desperately hacking away at the keyboard…

 Date Posted: 21 Mar 2009 @ 12 33 PM
Last Modified: 22 Mar 2009 @ 01 46 PM
Posted By: HIVEmind

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  1. Bobs says:

    Handsome creature! (the cat I mean..)

  2. persephone7 says:

    Well I love the books =)
    And i can really see the resemelance in the cat and the book character *cough cough*

    We have a fat cat too. He’s called Charlie. But he’s funny =P

    Sorry I can’t spell very well lol

  3. KITTY!!!! So this is Otto, eh? Lol, your cat is cute!

  4. myshii says:

    dude, your cat looks….well to be honest evil, and kinda cute, but most definaly planning the immediate and total destruction of next door’s pooch.

    i can totaly sympathise with the deadlines thing though,realising you’ve got about 2 days to finish something sucks mightely, mind you my science revision probobly isnt as cool nor exciting as the next hive installment. :)

  5. puffin0997 says:

    Whoa, that cat looks, like, evil! (No offense)

  6. WingLover says:

    Lol your cat looks just like on at my grandma’s house, except that other cat was named Garfield, and he was orange! But he was really, really fat too! (well, it looked like he was fat….he would never let us get very close before he lashed out we must fear Garfield too….)

  7. the cat has white hair too! And the same colour eyes (in this photo)
    SweeneyLovett, be careful what you say…Phoenix got…TERMINATED…earlier because of CAT Otto being called kitty Otto…
    *TEAM TERMINATION’S 5000th approach, except with cats*

  8. Missnaughty09 says:

    Your very funny, mark walden. That cat doesn’t seem to scare me! haha. :D

  9. xXxVickyxXx says:

    *bows* Hi Otto!!!

    He’s atually really adorable like the cat that would bite your head off if you stepped out of line :)

    Vicky :P

  10. Indiana says:

    What a fluffy animal!

  11. jlister 1997 says:

    i love cats! He really does look like the caracter in the book sounds. If you are reading this; Hi Mark!!! Yay! You read it!
    Love the books, please keep writing more. I might well die if you stop writing the books. :-)) Maybe joking. Maybe not. Hope I never have to stop and find out.
    love you!! J

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