The H.I.V.E Books

The Overlord Protocol
Escape Velocity
Zero Hour
Zero Hour
 Date Posted: 23 Mar 2009 @ 12 54 AM
Last Modified: 03 Sep 2010 @ 09 13 AM
Posted By: HIVEmind

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  1. persephone7 says:

    I’ve just finished the books (besides dreadnought).
    They’re awesome =)
    Kudos to you =)

  2. hiverules09 says:

    ive got a mate who says theres a buk before dreadnought (’bout 60 pgs) is this true?

    any way all the buks rok i red them fast ( im a fast reader) and i thought they were great. i cant wait to read dreadnought i no itl be great.

  3. LaaneeLoodel says:

    Dreadnought is amazing!!! Does anyone know how many books there are going to be in this series? I don’t want them to end!

  4. tampabuc94 says:

    yeah, theres a book called interception point.
    its the world book day book, and is quite short, but is mentioned in dreadnought.
    Its really good

  5. Olli says:

    Gah!!! Everyone’s been stating that Dreadnought is amazing and a must-read, but I haven’t had the chance to find the book and it’s driving me crazy! Anybody help me out here? Which stores could I purchase them from, living in the UK here, so that might be a thing to keep in mind. Thanks for any help :D Much appreciated.
    Olli xD

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