20 Jul 2011 @ 11:59 AM 

Ship ahoy!


I’m just starting to get first word of copies of Aftershock arriving for people who pre-ordered them on Amazon. Hopefully copies should also be appearing in your local bookshop very soon!

Other than that I’ve just been busy with the secret project (more news soon, I promise) and getting ready for a blog tour that I’ll be doing some time in August. I’ll post more details of where and when I’ll be posting as the time approaches. Should be good fun!

In unrelated geeky news, I thoroughly enjoyed X-Men First Class and I have to say that Michael Fassbender is surely the front runner for the next James Bond if Daniel Craig gets bored of the gig. Bored of being James Bond? What on earth am I talking about? That’s not humanly possible!

Time to get back to the cupboard under the stairs…..

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  1. Falcon31 says:

    Ooooh, a secret project….. *suspense*

    I don’t have Aftershock yet (unfortunatly) but I’m determined to get sometime in August and I can’t wait to read it! All the hints being dropped about Aftershock are getting to much for me…. :’(

  2. THEtruthALWAYS1 says:

    When will Aftershock arrive in America?

  3. Hector says:

    OMG aftershock is amazing!!!!!!!!! Best book in the series!

    Don’t Stop writing HIVE, best series in the history of books EVER!


    P.S Make a film

    P.P.S don’t stop writing ‘ _ ‘

  4. Rhiannon M says:



    But it ends on such a cliff-hanger. *sobs*

    I don’t want to spoil but… MARKK? PLEASE LET THE NEXT ONE BE OUT SOOON!

    How could you leave us with our heroes… seperated? XD (Those who’ve read… will kind-of get this… hopefully)

    And a secret project? *is excited*

    Teeel us! Teelll us!!

    We’re your faithful followers who have… um… encouraged you along the way!



  5. kyle says:

    ax@snort.laminating” rel=”nofollow”>.…


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