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New Covers



I’ve got something really cool to show everyone today, the brand spanking new covers for the HIVE series! You’ll find them all below, including the cover for Aftershock. These are all going to be printed on holographic foil so I’m afraid that your monitor won’t show them all in all their shiny glory but let me assure you that they look even cooler in the flesh. I’d just like to say a big thanks to all of the lovely people at Bloomsbury who’ve been working really hard on these. They should be hitting the shelves of your local book store around the time of Aftershock’s release in September.

Click any of the images below to embiggen. Hope you like them!


Overlord Protocol
Escape Velocity
Zero Hour

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  1. Winter says:

    So beautiful and awesome ;A; *sheds a tear*

    I wonder how many cover versions are there now? XD Including this one.

    IMO these are the best so far \o/

    Can’t wait for Aftershock~ Keep up the good work Mark C:

  2. MrEvilPerson says:

    No fair! I don’t want to buy them all again. But they are very epical. Unfortunatley, in my opinion, Aftershocks (which I will be buying) is not as good as the rest, but maybe in RL they will be. Do we have a choice? or are bloomsbury just doing the new ones?

  3. vego-who says:

    there ok i guess but the black ones are better;(

  4. Footy Master says:


  5. LaaneeLoodel says:

    I agree with vego-who, i prefer the black ones, but these are really cool as well!!!

  6. Adam says:

    iodinase@convocations.bal” rel=”nofollow”>.…


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