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  1. I don't believe we have a thread for this. If we do, mods, feel free to take it down if you can.

    Anyways, this is for all tings HP. I sure do hope there are HP fans on this site! 10 days till Deathly Hallows Part 1!!

  2. YUP!!!I CAN"T WAIT!!!Although i hope h.i.v.e is made into a movie..that would be great!

  3. I think its trying to be a movie for the end of 2011!


  5. Which Is your favorite book? Movie? Character?
    Sorry I'm excited there's another person like me!

  6. That's okay.
    Hm...book would be order of the phoenix
    Movie would be prisoner of azkaban
    character?hard to decide between Luna and Sirius..I LOVE THEM BOTH!!
    How about you?

  7. Book: half-blood prince
    Movie: Same!!! I LOVE Prisoner of Askaban
    Character: Either Snape, Sirius, or Lupin

  8. Haha...i like snape too!!
    I just watched the reruns of harry potter that was shown on TV..brings back the memories.

  9. Draco Malfoy. I want to marry him. Me and him and Otto can have a threesome.

    BY THE WAY WATCH: A very Potter Musical

  10. DracoxLuna FOREVER!

    I have a friend who literally wants to marry Tom Felton (Draco). It is on her bucket list to meet him, on his birthday she made us all sing, and all her stuff is covered with hot pics of him she got off the Internet.

  11. HermioneXRon forever!!!

    Hermione is my favourite character... Not because I have the same last name as the person that plays her... Well, partially... And she looks kinda the same as me, too... It's a little bit creepy

  12. *whispers* stalker

  13. Draco and Luna is SOOO CUTE! They can share their diapers togethar

  14. Wow.

  15. I'm not a stalker, it's general knowledge

  16. I'm assuming that when you say you look like her, that it was before her new hair cut


    Im going to see the new one of saturday

  18. *face palm* HAPPY Potter?

  19. *gasp* SATURDAY!? It's not out here yet.....*grrs*

  20. AHH I WANT TO SEE ITTTTTT! I can't wait!

  21. SATURDAY!?!?!?! *fumes* Englanders get it a week earlier than US!!!!!!!!!! NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  22. ME TOO!!!!CAN'T WAIT!!!
    gonna see it on friday!!!

  23. Friday as in Tomorrow or friday as innext week??

  24. *hyperventilates8 leaving for Universal at 6!!! AHHHH!! Thats.. 10 hours!!! WOOT!! Here I come Harry Potter world

  25. For me,today's already friday..nxt Friday 19th...

  26. I've been going crazy nagging my mum for this one. I saw Emma Watsons new hair cut and went .

  27. Crazy about the books not so keen on the films after Half-blood Prince.

  28. Yah...when i saw Emma Watsons on the cover of a magazine with her new hairstyle,i got a shock and thought she just bun her hair up or something.

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