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  1. so who like's Eragon or Is It just me?

  2. Hahaha, not just you

    Cant wait for Paolini to finish the 4th book!

  3. Me too!

  4. Hahahaha, still cant get a release date though. Probably 12 December 2012

  5. My big sister read's 'em to

  6. Awesome! Wonder how thick the book is gonna be, Eragon still has much to do according to the prophesies

  7. I get them on CD that way I can write songs well the CD is playing

  8. Hahaha, I bought all 3 books

  9. Eragon pulled the gloves on, being careful to keep his palm facing down, and flexed his hands. The leather was good and strong, though it was scarred from use...

    That's what I've just read on pg. 155 of the book I'm reading at the moment.
    Do not diconcert me like this again.

  10. I read them too. There's a reference to Doctor Who in them.

  11. Really? Where?

  12. Pages 204 and 207 in Brisingr, Ayra writes glyphs in the sand and everything she writes has something to do with Doctor Who.

  13. 6 days till book four comes out : D!!!

    I love Eragon, though I have trouble understanding it...

  14. So, I'll come out and say it...

    I despise Eragon.

    There. I SEZD IT.


    We don't blame you, its okay : D

  16. You're all so understanding. =3


  17. I don't blame you at all ER. Eragon was one of those books that you liked as a kid but then you grew up and realized that it wasn't as good as you thought it was. *laughs*

  18. Heheh. I read it at... I think, fourteen? Only because the idea that a kid author could write and publish such a monstrosity (by this, I mean its length... and... maybe its contents...) was fascinating.

    Sadly, I just... couldn't keep going. Only made it halfway through the second one.

  19. Yuio, I hate to burst your bubble but that's the release date of the Inheritance Almanac, not Book Four.


  21. I finished the third one. You're lucky that you didn't make it that far. Honestly, all they did in that book was wrap up a few loose ends and kill people. I'm kinda looking forward to the last one, though, because the series will finally be done.

  22. I was talking to Yuio.

  23. Hahahl, I kinda liked the books. Too bad you need a crane to lift them. looking forward to the last one!!

  24. It was meant to be a trilogy. It's now a quadrilogy.

  25. Just wondering. If his last book was 740 pages, how thick the last one gonna be...

  26. Hopefully, not too thick. The thick ones are always more expensive, couple that with the fact that they're hardbacks makes them extremely expensive books.

  27. The copies I have aren't hardbacks... Maybe thats just something you can get over in Australia but not elsewhere??

  28. The fact that you have paperbacks means that you waited longer than us to get your copies. *laughs* I prefer hard-backs. They don't bend or have their colors run when you accidentally drop them in the snow.

  29. Drop them in...!! Tsk, tsk. *shakes head*

  30. Yeah, but we don't get snow either
    It's weird though, 'cause my mum bought all the books the day they came out...

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