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  1. Raven xcNero isd gtyhe brerdst pasoitrionmhg nerverr.;

    (RavenxNero is the best pairing ever.)

    Typed with my nose:

  2. bladder.

    allright! now next person type with their foot!.

  3. ........while I was trying to type with my nose I ended up posting it instead....and let my just say MY KEYBOARD SMELLS AWFUL

  4. that wasnt typed with your foot cheater!

  5. relkiueef.

    Well. That didn't turn out so good. Damned toes...

  6. 0oor54aqaajnjhge4ee

    ...that would have been "Oranges," typed with my heel.

  7. ernj nnjme4eeds naq bbhuycfkiert nfgor nhyuiose ddert54oolop ;lD

    (ER needs a bucket for his drool :D)

    typed with my heel. now what should we type with next?

  8. thjerboiucvkeetisdafliider

    (The bucket is a lie)

    Typed with my knuckle. The middle one, mind you. Harder than it looks.


    (Liar )


    edit: oops capslock on

  10. Roooofl

  11. Myshii: HOW CAN YOU SEE WHAT YOU'RE TYPING??? (typed with my fingers)

  12. i kinda guessed from what the keys felt like. cant say it worked out too well.

  13. Did your mother see you typing it?

  14. Read: did your mother see you sitting on your keyboard, getting a feel for the keys beneath you?

  15. *is cracking up*

    MY mother from across room: ???

    OOps GTG Bye

  16. no, my laptops in my room lol, nah she came up to ask me what sauce i wanted in the pottoe chips and kinda joined in.

  17. LOL

    ...sauce in potato chips? Explainez!

  18. Your mom's awesome, I must say...


  19. ALL THE BETTER TA DIG POTATERS WITH MA DEAYR! LOLZ That was one of my lines as Little Red Riding Hood's granny...

  20. y7umk,jjkmn,yu

    Translation: Yummy.

    Typed with my heel. MY MUM's tellling me to go get the dessert from the freezer * sigh*

  21. *steals dessert*

  22. OI! *chases*

  23. Y'all are so funny. xDDD

    k=jkjwqw tqaw test5er t99eeed

    That would have been "M+Ms taste good," typed with my nose.
    Dang, I stink at this game.

  24. hny3del,o,olo

    That was hello with my nose!

  25. y3eooo9
    That was 'hello' back with my nose.

  26. bh sekmk,mkiikki

    That was hello with my elbow

  27. hello


  28. jhio asbZgh nb bnbn n m
    that says Hi why am i donin' this? with my elbow

  29. mnt56 snbaskler oisa bntyrt54yuoin gft bntgyop klo9ollo m,e4q1


    (My snake is trying to kill me Help!!!!!!!!! Typed with my heel (He is wrapping himself round my neck...))

  30. ottocxweimnfg fgortervberrt

    Otto x Wing Forever! Typed with my elbow

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