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  1. Yeah, Price needs to go.

  2. Y'know I hadn't meant for him to say "it" but, when I realized that's what I had typed, there was a moment of "omg I hate this guy!" So I decided to keep it

  3. Ah, okay

  4. I've just read this and I'm hooked, please write more.
    I really hate Price now!
    Is Riley dead? Please don't let Riley be dead... NOOOOOOO!!!

  5. Hey Nightmare! Are you a newbie? You are!! Welcome then, to the land of crazies
    I'm glad to hear you like the story! I'll probably update later tonight!

    P.S. Horses rock!


  7. As promised!

    Previously on

    "I want to know where they take him."

    *Gabriel's POV*
    Throughout this whole journey, I've discovered and re-discovered just how amazing Raven and Mirage really are. I was reminded of that, again, when we were ambushed in the science lab. I felt like a complete wuss, cowering under a desk like that, but I knew better than to leave. And anyway, from there I had a great view of the fight. The way the two of them went at it, despite the sheer numbers against them, it really was inspiring, I had to keep reminded myself to fire my gun, and not just sit there and watch. They really were pheonomenal, the whole fight looked like it'd been choreographed, and for a second there.... For a second there, I really believed we might actually have a decent shot at pulling this off. And then... Things took a bad turn. Mirage was hit by an energy tab, then Raven too. If I were a better shot, I might've chanced blasting those evil things off them, but I knew if I'd missed by a fraction I ran the risk of killing them both. I continued firing my gun until I ran out of amo, then I was caught too. And just when I was begining to have real difficulty keeping my eyes open.... I heard it. The sound I know is going to haunt me forever. A gunshot. I knew I hadn't been shot, so I was just wondering which of the other two it had been when.... "It's Riley!" I looked up just as they were comenting about the bullet going right through his heart. In that moment I felt my insides turn to ash, and I felt cold and sick, but mostly I just felt tired. I wanted nothing more than to sleep, and, with any luck, never wake up again. So I'd never have to feel that awful empty feeling in the pit of my stomache. And then my stomache really did empty, all over Price's shoes. Unpleasant as that was, I got my wish: sleep. Now all I had to do was make sure not to wake up.
    *Raven's POV*
    When Mirage and I were fighting side by side, earlier... For a minute there I was thoroughly enjoying myself. I know we were up against a lot, and I know this is going to sound arragant but.... I don't know, I really thought we were going to make it. I'd never even heard of an energy tab before that, but honestly, I wasn't surprised. It seems like just the sort of cheap trick someone like Price would resort to. Once we'd all been captured, I was just starting to think things were about as bad as they could get (which is actually kind of a comforting thought), when I heard the gunshot. I've heard plenty of gunshots before (heck, I've fired enough of them), and I've lost people I cared about too (though I really wouldn't say I was all that close to Riley, seeing as I didn't even notice when he was swapped with a shape-shifter), but sitting right next to one of the dead person's relatives.... That was a new one. The thought that Gabriel - someone I'd come to care about - had just lost a loved one, and I hadn't been able to prevent it... That bothered me. Still, I probably shouldn't have drawn attention to myself by spitting at Price, and cursing him in Russian. When Price turned my way, I felt a twinge of fear. Not for myself, but for Mirage. What was going to happen to him? Price was sure to be pissed. And what about Nero? I'd failed him. Price had me now. He had my face.... What was going to happen to Nero, to HIVE?
    *Mirage's POV*
    I've known Riley almost the full four years he worked for L.I.V., but I wouldn't really have called us "friends" (and I've only really known Gabriel, for a matter of hours.) But, for some reason when he was killed I got very angry. I'm not sure why, but... I felt like that signaled the failure of the mission. I just hoped Gabriel hadn't seen the body. My fears were confirmed, though, when I heard him vomit all over Price. That made things seem a little better. As soon as the energy tabs were off and I could think more clearly, I realized Price had just welcomed Raven to L.I.V. and the horrible realization hit. Price was going to give her face to a shape-shifter.... And once he did that, he was going to kill her.... And there was nothing I could do about it. Then Price welcomed me back, and I realized something else... He was going to reactivate the obedience chip. I was going to be a slave again.

    To be continued...

  8. Ooh I like the POV thing! Coolness!

  9. Thanks guys.
    Yay an update... Love the POV's.
    NO!!! Raven can't die, or Riley, or Mirage (become a slave). I kinda agree with him on the mission thing...
    But still, you can't leave us on a cliffhanger, I'll die of suspense.

  10. @Nightmare - Welcome newbie, have a lolipop! --o

    Soooo Riley really IS dead?

  11. Sense she's made a real appearance, I suppose Becca needs a profile too...

    General Info:
    Name: Rebecca Pratt.
    Age: That has yet to be spesified.
    Country: Australia.
    Language(s): There are many.

    Hair: Light brown, with blonde highlights. About shoulder length.
    Eyes: Grey.
    Skin Tone: Medium.
    Height: 5'7"
    Figure: Thin.

    Other Relevant Information:
    Was born in Australia, but raised in the US.
    Is Emma's best friend (which may explain why she never really got along all that well with Riley.)
    Is one of L.I.V.'s nurses, and HATES Dr. Seever.

  12. I predict Riley isn't really dead, and wherever he ends up, Becca's gonna find him, and help him escape/save everyone!

  13. He CAN'T be dead!!!
    Umm...maybe...he is pretending? No...
    Maybe it is someone in disguise?
    Or he just is actually dead, but I hope not...

  14. What if he really IS dead????? Poor Gabriel! You can't do that to him, Stealthy, you just can't!!

  15. Ok, for some reason I have this assumption that either Raven or Mirage (or Gabriel?) is going to be taken to the hopsital-ish area, and if that's where Becca works....

  16. @mal -
    @RL - Hm, we shall see...

    Previously on

    I was going to be a slave again.

    *Raven's POV*
    I woke up slowly, and realized two things: 1, that the sleeper shot I'd been given, must not've been meant to last eight hours, because I was fairly certain it hadn't been that long. And 2, I didn't have a headache as I should've. I felt groggy, and tired, but no headache. It could almost have been refreshing, except for one thing.... If I didn't have a headache, it could only mean, that I had some sort of pain killers in my system..... And it didn't seem very likely that they'd give me those purely for the sleeper headache.... Which could only mean they had done something to me. I opened my eyes, and began surveying my surroundings. I was lying on a hospital bed. I was strapped down too. The room I was in was spacious, and neat. The floors were pure white tile, and the walls, brushed steel. The whole room smelled of hand sanitizer (which I guess is a good thing). There was also a woman in the room. She had her back to me, but I could tell she was a doctor, she was wearing a pure white lab coat, and surgical mask. I couldn't see what she was doing with her hands, but I decided it was probably safe to assume it involved needles. I started to shift, when an ache in my arm, informed me that I was hooked up to an IV. I turned to see if I could read what exactly was being flushed into my veins, when the doctor turned around. "Ah, you're awake." When she turned I could see her name tag read: Dr. Seever. Head of medical staff. "And how are you feeling, miss Raven?" There were quite a few very colorful Russian words I wanted to use, but for some reason, my tongue refused to work; it felt fuzzy, and huge in my mouth. In the end, the only sound I could muster to express my frustration, was an irratated sounding growl. Dr. Seever nodded understandingly, "tongue-tied, I see. Not to worry, that's quite common, and shouldn't last much longer, though..." She trailed off, eyeing the syringe she was holding. "... Well to be honest, I doubt you'll be alive for that part, or at the very least concious." I began to struggle as she approached my IV. She was interrupted by an insistant beeping sound comming from her pocket. She paused and removed a PDA, much like our blackboxes at HIVE. She put the call on speaker, and returned her attention to my IV. "Hello?"
    "Elizabeth," it was Price on the other line. "Have you extracted Raven's DNA, yet?" Seever, paused, the needle hovering just above my IV. "Yes Edward, and I've sent the sample to the medical labs. We should have our own Raven, soon enough."
    "And is the real Raven still alive?" Price asked. The note in his voice suggested that he hoped so, which was both creepy, and disconcerting. "For the moment she is..." Seever trailed off. "Good." Price said firmly. "Keep her that way. There's been a change of plans. I've been going over the footage of her and Mirage, against our forces, and I've decided she's much more useful to us alive." By this point the Seever had put the syringe down, and had picked up her PDA. "'More useful to us alive', eh? I don't suppose you mean... Obediance chip, useful?" Obediance chip?! I felt my heart sink. If they gave me an obediance chip, than it was safe to assume they would make ME assassinate Nero. I couldn't see Price, but I was sure he was smiling wickedly. "Exactly."

    To be continued...

  17. GAH! Stealthy you can't do that!!!!!!!!!! Not to Raven! (though I guess it's better than dying... but STILL!)

  18. NOOOOOO!!!

  19. *Que Becca, charging to the rescue!*

  20. Oh! That's right!! I'd kind of forgotten about Becca

  21. Dyaahhh! Nuuu! *huggles Raven* It'll be OK! *dodges katanas and runs down hall to hug Mirage*

  22. @RL - Hmmm I'm not sure Mirage will welcome the hug anymore than Raven did


    Captain Stealthy! You can't do this to us

  24. @Midnight - Mweheh

  25. Oook, if I stare at my homework any longer my eyes are going to melt. Update time!!!

    Previously on


    *Raven's POV*
    "Alright," Seever said, putting away the syringe. "I'll get right on that." As she spoke, she began messing with my IV, and the flow of whatever drugs I was being given, increased. I began to feel very drowsy and unfocused. 'I can't fall asleep!' I told myself urgently. "Before you do though," I heard Price say. "I'd like you to take a look at Mirage's chip first. That procedure shouldn't take as long as Raven's, and at the moment we need as many of our forces as we can get." Seever adjusted the drug flow on my IV one last time, before replying. "Understood." She might've gone on to say something else, but that's when I lost consciousness. The last thing I remember thinking was that, Mirage was about to be turned into a slave again... And there was nothing I could do to stop it.....
    Meanwhile in another area of the medical ward...
    *Mirage's POV*
    When I woke up I couldn't open my eyes right away. I couldn't quite remember what had happened at first either, but I had the feeling things hadn't gone well. Finally I willed my eyes to open, and as soon as I did, and I realized where I was, I remembered. We'd all been captured. We'd failed... No, not "we" I. I failed. I failed the other two. I got hit with the energy tab first, it was my fault the whole mission failed so miserably. I knew by now Raven was probably dead, and if that was the case, then her blood was on my hands. The same went for Gabriel. I shoved those thoughts aside, I could blame myself til my hearts content later, but right now, I needed to get out of there. Otherwise Price really would win. If nothing else, I refused let that happen. I owed the other two that much. Eyeing the bonds that held me to the hospital bed, I started to struggle, the bonds were tough, but I was determined to escape. I could just feel the straps holding my wrists, begin to loosen, when I heard the all-too familiar brisk footsteps of my least favorite doctor on earth. Dr. Seever. She glided into the room, noticed what I was up to, and quickly re-activated the energy tab that had been left on the back of my neck. "Now, none of that," she chided, as I was forced to settle down. "We can't have you going and hurting yourself, now can we? And after I went to all the trouble of stiching up your injured side for you, too." As she spoke she prepared an IV for me, and injected it (less than gently) into the crook of my arm. Once she had judged enough of the drugs from the IV had dripped into my system, she de-activated the energy tab, and let the drugs do the rest. Against my will, I could feel my heart rate lowering, and it became harder and harder to stay awake, and keep my eyes open. I wanted to yell at myself, "stay awake, damn it!" But no luck, my tongue refused to work. Apparently not satisfied with the speed of the drugs in my system already, Seever gestured to a nurse, who came by and placed a mask over my nose and mouth. I could taste the gas, but by then I didn't have the energy cough, let alone move my head to try and shake it off. The last thing I remember was a brief twinge of panic, when I heard Seever say to the nurse, "once we're done here, we'll move on to Raven..."

    To be continued...

  26. Grr Dr. Seever

  27. And watch Seever's hate points soar! I'd say after that update she's up there with Price

  28. Totally! Good old hate points... she earned about 6 in that update.

  29. Ya'llz are ROFLy XD I agree Price has some competition there for first-hate-place...so, Stealthy, you can think normally under the obedience chip, right? It just controls your actions? This should be interesting....Becca to the rescue?

  30. I agree 100% I Hate that doctor. Ugh! How RUDE!!!!

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