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  1. I found this in the H.I.V.E. section of Fanfiction.net yesterday. I really should visit there more.

  2. yeah XD
    Naw, visit once in while. It's probably better to check here for new stories than there XD

  3. Hey Scottie, I was wondering (since you are amazing at writing fanfics) if you could look at my next chapter for my fan fic. I'm kinda ehhh about it so I wanted someone who knows fan fics and all to look at it. And you are denfinitely near the top of my list!

  4. @DignityNightfall Like we can talk, we're not exatly sane.

    (Narwals, Narwals)

  5. Yeah, Reensie, sure Did you want to send it to my live journal account or to an email??

    Actually, one of these days, I'm going to set up an email account just for stories

    Well I've just done that, so

    If anyone has a story they want me to read or edit, my email for that is


    Feel free to send anything, just make sure you have a name and explanation. KMK, Bug and anyone else already sending stuff to my other account, keep sending it there

  6. Love the email address

  7. I know First thing I thought of, and I needed one that I'd remember for my editing stuff

  8. Thanks Scottie! I'll send the chapter soon to your email! (:

  9. Awesome oh and if I don't respond for a while, chances are I'm sleeping... Or at school I have a limited time that I can get on the computer these days, restricted even more by our lousy internet usage cap.

  10. It's cool! I just needed your opinion on this because I think you follow my fanfic? I'm not sure.

  11. Yeah, I do I read a lot of the fanfics on fanfic.net

  12. Ok cool. I just sent it by the way

  13. Double Post, but anyway, it's getting late over here (10:30ish) and I haven't really slept well in the past few nights, so, Imma go to bed now. Night Reensie, guys I'll reply next time I get a chance to check my emails, Reensie


  14. Good night Scottie! Sweet dreams! Don't let those bed bugs bite! (beleive me you don't want them to)

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