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  1. is a great book not as near as good as hive though :!:has any one else read it

  2. I've read it. And the second one. They were ace!

  3. not finnished the second one yet wat happens

  4. Not telling!

  5. fine be like that i will read it myself
    have read rogue yet

  6. I aint read it, but someone in my class has, isnt it abou these games were people have to turn against each other and stuff

  7. yeh and kill them to save themselves

  8. Yer, see, i know hat much, but thats it Yer, they seem pretty good, i might read them at some point.

  9. there good books no where near as good as hive but still worth the read

  10. cool

  11. I've never heard of them

  12. same

  13. I love the Hungar Games. They are among my very favorite books. They're makeing the first one into a movie I think.

  14. Who are they by? I'll have a look.

  15. I dont know, but i aint read them, they sound good though, like i said a few posts back

  16. Someone tell me who they're by.

  17. Suzanne Collins. She also wrote the Gregor the Overlander series.

  18. Thanks.

  19. I love The Hunger Games, though I'm only halfway through the first one.

  20. lol

  21. Loved it. Won the MS Sakura Medal this year over here at the international schools in Japan. Second one wasn't as good though...

  22. Yep, reading it in one of my classes. Can't seem to find it at a library.

  23. I aint read them yet, but i will at some point

  24. Love them they definitely make it into my top 10 and maybe my top 5

  25. I've finished the first book and am on to the second!!!!!!!!!!! I don't think Peeta and Katniss should get together, it should be Gale and Katniss. Stupid President Snow.

  26. Totally agree wih you Ravenfan. And the second book is absolutely INCREDIBLE.

  27. I disagree. Gale is emotionally abusive. There's this one scene in Catching Fire that makes me despise him. I dunno if you've reached it yet. It's about halfway through, I think.

  28. *pretends i know what you are talking about* Yeah, i agree...

  29. The scene in the woods ER? When he throws the gloves at her?

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