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  1. so yh ummmm, when r u coming to school?

    thx for answering

  2. I think that the nice people at Bloomsbury are arranging it now Mec. See you soon



    *explosions in the background, coupled with hurried footsteps and a small 'AARGH!*

  4. was that Marks "AARGH" by any chance?? or Mecblades????
    Then again, it could have been me, I was tackling people for about an hour and a half straight while you were posting so...

  5. I thought it was Maqui's?

  6. you never know...you never know...

  7. Of course. ._.

  8. BRAMBLEPATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. yay! thx for ure reply mark!

    my librarian is going crazy at the moment o.0

    so ill let her know what u said...its just apparently she has recieved no word from bloomsbury

  10. I wish he could visit everyone's school, that would definitely prove what an awesome author he is, not that we don't already know that.

  11. Are you trying to hint at something Hunny?

  12. I'm basically saying Mark should do a tour of schools. If we told him where we go to school, I think he might come to them.

  13. Yes, I'd love him to come to my school. Does he ever put on his blog if he goes anywhere, like sometimes authers go to bookshops and stuff, but we wouldn't know and be able to track him down if he doesn't tell us if he's going anywhere.

  14. We should tell him to tell us.

  15. i previously asked him to come to our school anyway...

    he would come to ure school (Providing ure in the UK XD) for a fee

  16. How much is 'a fee.'?

  17. i really have no idea

  18. Why can't Mark ever come to America? *cries*

  19. He probably could.

  20. That would be amazing /awesome/epic.

  21. yes it would. I could probably miss a school day to see him.

  22. He should come back to Australia... You get used to the epically long plane flights

  23. are you kiding?? xD IM the one who should be going to Australia! I actually want to go to Tasmania, if thats apart of Australia...

  24. no, Tasmania is a completely different country... It's a part of New Zealand, but Australia owns it for governmental purposes

    Actually, I'm just kidding
    WA is so much better then Tasmania

  25. :3 i know, but in 6th grade i was a nut about Tasmanian Devils...and ever since then ive wanted to go. xD im such a dorkfish

  26. Tasmanian Devils aren't that interesting... Its a little depressing, actually

  27. Well, my 6th grade self sure thought they were interesting! xD true, they are depressing, but still cool

  28. I used to have a thing about leapords years ago... strange... Now it's bird of prey, reptiles and foxes.

  29. I want to go to England, personally. ^-^

    Tanya has a cat that they named Tasmanian Devil. They just call him Taz, though.

  30. haha, like the Tazzie Devil off Looney Tunes

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