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  1. A present for Bug and Mally. Cutest couple ever.

    Chapter one.
    The circus was buzzing on that evening, people poured past the ticket kiosk, eyes shining with excitement, voices raised in laughter and mindless chatter. The black and silver cloth of the big top moved gently in the wind, the smell of horse chestnuts and sausages filled the air, four figures peered out though a gap in the canvas, eyes scanning the faces of each and every person who entered the tent.
    “This lot should be easy to please” Said one, a short girl with sparkling blue eyes and dimpled cheeks. A tall boy stood beside her, black hair that flopped over blue eyes, they were such a dark blue they could pass for black, his fingers were twined around the girls and he smiled down at her.
    “Too easy” The other girl said, she had brown hair piled elaborately on top of her head, with short bits that flickered in front of her green grey eyes, from amidst the hair poked two black cats ears, from the audience’s point of view, the ears could pass as fakes, but her friend knew they were anything but. She grinned at the boy standing beside her, he too was tall, with brown hair messily arranged over his forehead, and dark coloured eyes that seemed to look straight through you.
    “Your right, I like it when it’s challenging” The brown haired boy said. His hand rested on the small of the girls back, but his eyes were fixed in the distance, he saw something, and he swore.
    “Is he here?” The shorter girl said, she had an American accent, and when she spoke, people around her smiled even if, like now, she spoke in a voice that was anything but happy.
    “Yes” The boy said with gritted teeth, his arm circled the thin girls waist, and he pulled her close to him protectively.
    “We’ll be fine, we always are” She said, her accent was definitely British, but with a hint of something else, something undetectable, that lurked beneath the surface.
    “I hope so, for all our sakes” The black haired boy said, then he turned away from the gap, and begun walking away, the girl walked beside him, her knuckled white because of how tightly she was holding his hand.
    “I always knew Casper was a pessimist” The girl with the startling eyes said, staring after them.
    “Hush Catalina, it’s getting to all of us” Her partner said, his eyes still staring into the distance. Catalina tugged on his hand.
    “Come on Echo, we have to change” She said, Echo peeled his eyes from whatever he was staring at, and followed after Catalina, smiling as she stumbled over a pile of ropes.

    “Ladies and gentleman, today you shall witness our most amazing of acts, four youngsters defy gravity, face certain death, and show complete faith in each other. I give you Ianthe”
    The four youngsters rode into the ring, each riding a horse, Echo sat atop a graceful white mare with flowing black mane and tail, beside him Catalina sat astride a large black stallion, any horse person would have forbid her to ride such a large horse, but she seemed completely at ease, and the horse responded to her every touch. Behind her, Casper was riding a steel grey horse, with black legs, mane and tail. His hand was stretched out to Brooke, who rode a beautiful strawberry roan mare.
    They were wearing matching outfits, blood red, with black parts, and flashes of silver in some places.
    Catalina stood up, the audience gasped with appreciation, the others followed suit, holding their hands above their heads as the horses cantered round in circles. Casper leant forward, and once again all four moved at the same time, until they were standing on their hands, legs straight up, completely unconcerned.
    They twisted back up again, from the music pit, an exciting tune started up, seeming to beat in time with the rapt audience’s hearts.
    Catalina shouted a command, and the horses sped up, their hooves kicking up sawdust and sand, filling the arena with a haze, as one the four flipped forward, head over heels, landing on their feet, one of the most dangerous moves, and something many had lost their lives in performing, but they managed, raising their hands above their head, faces flushed with success.
    Then, they leapt from the backs of the horses, tumbling over and over in a series of summersaults and leaps. The audience applauded. The horses trotted from the ring, and the four took up their positions. Catalina begun, taking a swift run up, Echo rushed forward to meet her, his hands outstretched to grab her waist, he flung her upwards, and everyone could clearly see the look of intense concentration etched across the girls face.
    Her hands reached out, and grabbed hold of a trapeze; she twisted upwards and hung upside down. Casper performed the same thing with Brooke, flinging her upwards, her brown hair streamed behind her, for unlike Catalina, she wore hers loose. She hung upside down too; they swung for a few moments, seeming to float.
    Then Casper and Echo leapt upwards simultaneously, grabbing hold of their partner’s arms mid swing.
    Catalina and Brooke both swung then let go of trapezes. The audience gasped as the partners twisted round, now the boys were hanging from the trapezes and the girls hung beneath.
    They hung for a moment, then the music struck up again, and the girls let go, spinning head over heels, arms flung out to catch the other trapeze’s that came swinging out to them.
    A breath taking act commenced, it was something none of the audience would ever forget, the youngsters showed complete trust in each other, seeming to defy gravity as they swung, high above, many people in the audience claimed they had never seen an act to rival it, and it outshone every other act that came after it.

  2. I love it, Cat. <3

  3. *Huggles* Glad you do Bugsie.

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