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  1. Golden bullet
    Chapter 1
    The misty air spread across the barricade,Nero shot his pistol at the black clad men, but to no effect. They were being pushed backwards: and ordinary bullets did nothing... at all
    the previous day...
    HA!YA!RA!YAAARRR!!... Wing fell down, Raven was staring down at his beaten face... she rolled her eyes
    "your getting better,but i told you this before! never get to angry... you'll abandon your defence by accident, i'd know" Raven gestured to the scar on her sweating face.
    "sure" Wing catapulted himself up and shook Raven's hand.
    Raven walked out with a smirk on her face, even though she was still breathing heavily. Wing ran through the corridors: and into the lunch hall.
    "Hi Wing!" Otto gestured to the table he was sitting on, also there was Laura and Shelby.
    "Hi! Wing! here!" Shelby shouted.
    Wing smiled for a second then walked casualy to the table.

  2. Better than my other ones i think.

  3. Like it so far

  4. my other two fanfics were R18 but i like this one

  5. Pretty cool so far

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  7. oh right... ok

  8. chapter 2
    "How have you been? you were in training longer than usual" Otto asked
    "Just sparring with Raven, How is she so fast... " Wing wondered...
    "umm... training?" Shelby rolled her eyes
    "ALRIGHT!!!! HANDS UP!!!!" a voice shouted in the distance, several soldiers burst through the door, pointing their guns at the teacheres.
    "WHAT?!?!?!?!?" Nero cried
    "Whats happening?" ms Gonzales said in suprise
    "I am cournal dixon halade, i was sent here to check out unusual activity, and it looks like my superiors were right... a school for villiany! And one operated by G.L.O.V.E at that!" The cournal said, several more black clad men men ran in and raised their guns. The cournal smiled.

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