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  1. *tips salt on floor and pulls closest random GLOVE member through* Ok...This might take a while. . .
    Glove person: *through gag* Noooooooooooo. . . .
    . . . . erm....*gives salt* ?

  2. *cough*
    *drowns a GLOVE member in salt*

  3. *walks in* Hi!
    Woah...lots of salt...At least it's not pepper.

  4. Hi! Pepper? Great idea? *puts pepper on next Glove member* . . . .

  5. Do we know if Henry likes it?

    *continues building a salt mountain on a screaming GLOVE member*

  6. Hmm...does Henry like ketchup or mustard?

  7. No idea...

    *continues to build Mount SaltEverest*

  8. SaltEverest XD

  9. Haha
    *watchs as Mount 'SaltEverest' gets higher and higher*
    *looks from Mec and Vul to the Mountin and grin*
    *runs at the salt mountin, arms in the air, screaming with delight*
    *throws myself at the salt mountin and disapears into the vast amount of salt, laughing wildly*

  10. NO KMK! HENRY IS COMING! *points at approaching Octopus*

  11. *calls from next to the phone* You kids are cleaning that up! *goes back to her conversation* So where was the location again? A volcano? Well, it's not like I can really complain about the hazards...yeah, we have a lava pool one of the girls decided to install.

  12. NooooOOOooOOO!! *slow motion runs to try and save KMK*

  13. (looks at vulpix slow motion running)
    (throws sonic the breadhog in air) Kill the agents, sonic!

  14. *snatches sonic the breadhog out of the air*
    They're Henry's.......
    *points at the wierd lady who is still cursing her head off*
    Perhaps her?

  15. Wait! She knows some cool swearwords. Let me learn them, then introduce her to Henry.
    *sits next to crazily cursing Russian lady and gets out kindle*
    Now, what was that word again?
    *Russian woman curses*
    *types word into translator*
    Kindle: That word is unadvisable to translate, as it may cause offense.
    Me: Shut up. Translate it anyway. And never tell me that again.
    Kindle: *translates*
    Me: Nice! Next word.
    Russian woman: *curses more*
    Me: Sorry, I couldn't hear that, there's a gag in the way.
    Russian woman: *curses more*
    Me: *throws hands in the air in frustration* I give up. Mec, where did you put the salt?

  16. No not the salt just yet. let me try something.
    translate all your curses or the swords get it!
    *Russian women ammidiately becomes silent and starts translating words very, very quickly*
    Me: see told you i'm the smart one flich

  17. *pulls another giant salt-shaker over towards*

  18. Me: Valkrie is not the smart one, otherwise she would've seen the whole reason she is cursing is because I dissolved her swords

  19. *laughs* touche, indeed.

    *watches Henry devour first operative entusiastically* Awww.... isn't he cuuuute???

  20. *continues pouring salt by the truckloads onto Mount SaltEverest*

    Tell Henry not to consume this just yet, KMK jumped in and hasn't appeared since...

  21. Henry, leave the.... no. LEAVE THE SALT PILE!! restrain yourself, Henry. Thankyou. Yes, you can eat her. *points to Raven*

  22. *blasts open the roof*
    *continues to build Mount SaltEverest by the helicopter dropload*

  23. *looks at hole in roof* That is, quite undeniably, a large salt mountain.

  24. Will Henry be able to consume it all?

    *continues dropping salt onto Mount SaltEverest*

  25. *laughs* who knows?? I'm not sure how much he likes salt on it's own.

  26. *To Henry* Would you like some ketchup with that salt?

  27. *waltzes in* is glove here??? ARE THEY!!!!!!!

  28. *drops more salt*
    *a small rumble can be heard as the house groans under the wait of Mouth SaltEverest*

  29. <to Henry> Would you like some salt with that salt?

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