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  1. Any1 read Agent 21 by Chris Ryan?

    I just got it and it's pretty good

  2. i bet it's no better than h.i.v.e

  3. Ohhh, I love Chris Ryans books!!!
    I havn't read Agent21 yet but I'm gonna try order it through the trusty ol' library
    Has anyone read Alpha Force or Code Red they're good as well

  4. Chris Ryan, Chris Ryan, Chris Ryan... *browses memory filing cabinet* The name sounds familiar but I haven't read any of the books. They sound good, though. I think... my cousin read them! Yes! That's where I've heard the name.

  5. mr anonimous evil based on how much I've read I say that H.I.V.E is better.

    Falcon31 I intened to read all of his books but I'll let u no when.

  6. I've just ordered Agent 21
    *looks happy*
    Along with seven other books.....

  7. I've read most of Alpha Force. What's Agent 21 about?

  8. i might read it, depending on the exitingness of the next hive books

  9. I've now read it (twice)!!!
    Great story and now I want to read the next one, Chris Ryan is usually quite good at writting quick so we shouldn't have to wait to long...

  10. chris ryan is ex-SAS, my dad met him, nice guy apparently.

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