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  1. well, if mark ever finishes the books(NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!)
    i think we should continue them ourselves, like a book long fanfic, tell me if its a good idea!

  2. (this thread should only be comented on if mark finishes the book)

  3. Sooooooooo

    what you are asking here is a 350+ page GROUP fanfic....

    That would require immense communications skills, a VERY organised team, a extremely detailed plan of the fanfic from start to end, the invention of several characters, and a hell of a lot of time.

  4. pretty much, but only if hive ends

  5. Ouch, this will take about 2 years to execute....

    It is much easier doing it on your own :S

  6. your doing it in zet squad (that collective fanfic your writing)

  7. that's not a full book. that's a fanfic. it's different

  8. i know, but it could be short, we should talk about this when we need to

  9. Or we could force Mark to keep writing them forever

  10. maybe... mec close this thread until it is needed

  11. Nobody can write books forever
    Or quoting from someone (i dont know who):
    "All good things come to an end"

  12. I think we can all trust Mark write a series end that's to our liking. Saying that we should continue it when it's done is kind of insulting to Mark, if you think about it.

  13. Amen, Bug.


  15. How old are you, Mae?

  16. 10, birthday december 9th

  17. Wow, that means you're the same age as my little sister. I thought you were twelve or something.

  18. HUNNYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *superamazinghugtackleglomps* I've missed you so much! Check your email!!

  19. HUUNNNYYYYYYYYY! *Hugs* Hey, I missed ya too!

  20. hunny, i havnt seen you for a while

  21. most people on this forum seem much older (well... not MUCH) than they really are.
    For example, I thought that mec was about 20 when I first met him. He is not.

  22. i know...

  23. Yeah, although I doubt anyone got my age wrong. In reality, people often think I'm younger than I am.

  24. Also, M@ngo's older than I thought...
    He seemed about 15 to me, but he's much older...

  25. hes 21 mew are you 13?

  26. I think M@ngo's the oldest on the forum (apart from mark)

  27. @mae
    Turning 14 this year, ^^

    What about amaya? I believe their ages are quite close...

  28. the reason mango's name glows is because it has @ in it, look M@E and look again MAE

  29. I'm 14, and I have no idea how old aya was...

  30. 17? hel@o b@nana s@lly

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