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  1. i love romance.

  2. arrrghh i just had the most insane idea ever!!! what if nero and raven had a kid together? grounchy pregnant assasin with mood swings and weird cravings! or maybe she would run off to keep her condition a secret , ohh the crazed fic possibilities.......

  3. *Dies.* Oh, I'm already dead... Oh, well... *Dies of stupidity.*

  4. *dies out of sympathy*

  5. Thar would be awsome and wierd at the same time, dont forfet the age difference, its like 40 years, so its just not right, but its still cool =-)

  6. meh he looks 3o or so, so im not particularly weirded out by the age difference. would be funny with her trying to hide it though

  7. Someone, please write a fanfic about that! It'll be funnier than Raven in a Dress!!!!

  8. Has anyone ever heard of the some 'I'd come for you', By Nickelback. If not, look it up, But imagion Nero singing that to Raven while she is Dieing or something
    Imagion this, Raven has been captured by Farun and Nero and some other people are comeing to save her, but on the way they get a message from HIVE saying that someone, like, i dont know, overload, has taken control of HIVE and is planing to kill everyone, so the have to turn back back to HIVE, like...
    They have just got the message about HIVE being taken over by overload. (they are in a shroud on the way to Raven)
    'So what are we going to to do?' -Proffesor
    Nero, looking down at the floor- 'we are going to have to turn back, i am going to talk to the pilot'
    Nero starts to wlk towards the ladder leading to the pilot area. 'But what about Raven?'- Proffeser.
    Nero stops walking 'she'll be ok'- Nero, and continues walking.
    'But Max' Proffesor 'She wont be'. But Nero keeps walking. Wing apears from behind a box ((i dont know why Wing is there, maybe he wanted to help save Raven or something))
    Wing- 'So thats it!' Walking up to Nero and looking him in the eyes 'Your not even going to try and get her back! Your just going to leave her to get killed! Do you even care that she might die!'
    Nero, suddenly feeling really angree 'Of chorse i care! Do think that if there was anyway to help her i would be standing here doing nothing! But there isnt, if we go to get her hte whole school will pay the price.' Wing turns and walks up to the pilot area.
    Nero turns to follow him but then the proffesor talks 'I see what you meen Max, i really do, but if you truly cared about her you wouldnt just give up' - proffesor turns and walks and sits down at a seat.

    Then Nero changes his mind and goes after Rven himself, but when he finds her she if dieing, and he sing 'I'd come for you' By Nickelback.
    Cheesey, i know, but still
    Look up the song and listen to the lyrics.

  9. Nero is actualy like 70 though, 60 at youngest.

  10. Oh, forget about the ages, please! It would be easier if Mark just told how old he was. Did anyone see his 'old age' comment in Rogue?

  11. No, remind me, what was it?

  12. By the way i do forget the ages, alot, i couldnt care less about the ages 2 be honest, i just like to make shure people know that Nero is in fact, well, not younge

  13. He was talking to himself: 'You're getting sentimental in your old age.'

  14. Oh yer, i liked that bit at the end, i thought it was really sweet, it made me wounder if he has a kid.

  15. It would be an amazing fanfic, so don't spoil it with damn age differences.

  16. I not trying 2, really, i would luv a fanfic like that. We should see id Scottie would like to do one, shes a great writer

  17. Or Amaya.

  18. Yer, shes great to.

  19. Did you look up that Nickelback song?

  20. Remind me.

  21. Did you read my long bit of writing that is about 15 posts above this? If not, please do, then look up the song.

  22. I love that KMK! That would be such a ceeeuute fic! Ammaayaaa? Scooottieeeee?

  23. ...Nero has a kid? With who?

  24. He doesn't, but he would have it with Raven.

  25. XD think of how the kid would come out. XD this like amazing kid assassin with an evil, evil mind... that would equal like total destruction..

  26. Ah, okay... Wait, we're still seeing a thirty or so year age difference here.

    Personally... *rabid plot bunny attacks* OMG! Best fanfic idea ever! *dashes off to write fanfic*


  28. "Someone, please write a fanfic about that! It'll be funnier than Raven in a Dress!!!! "

    well i dont know about fanfic (i suck at writing stories) but i'll draw a picture if you like. maybe even a little fan comic if somones willing to beta check it for me first.

  29. im new (a newbie :P) whats a fanfic?

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