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  1. I was just wondering, if the characters' pasts (other than otto's we got a description of that already) will be told in more detail in the future books?


  2. I don't know, I get the feeling that Nero or Raven's pasts would be ones that my stomach wouldn't be able to handle. XD

  3. But I really do want to know more about Laura and Shelby. As Phoenix said, Raven and Nero, not so much.

  4. Although...Raven's scar...I would like that explained, but again! I could just end up puking after I find that out... but then again, there's that chance. XD I am so undecided.

  5. I bet one of my evil mr. bunny bunn bunns attacked her. That would explain a LOT!

  6. XD Yeah that would, but there's no chance of anyone surviving, even if they're Raven.

  7. naw, Raven would survive. She's got coolio black swords

    Number One: What did you say?
    Me: Coolio, why?

    (Number One shoots me)

    Me: That's the second time you've shot me this week!!!!!! That's it! I'm feeding you to Bunny Bunn Bunns!
    Number One: NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Going back to the subject, i'm thinking of something for Wing, Nero, Laura, Shelby, and Raven. i'm doing it in order.

    will post it soon

  9. I really want to know about Raven's past. I think hers is the least we've heard about from all the "main" characters. The rest we all know some things about. (If you've read past the first book, you'll know a /little/ bit about Nero's.)

  10. I'm really curious about Shelby, Raven, and Wing. Like, does Shelby have parents, or is she an orphan or runaway? She acts like a spoiled brat in the first book, so is there is a reason that she chooses that specific persona that connects to her past? And if Wing's father didn't select him for HIVE, then who did?

  11. ooooooooooooh
    the mystery.....

  12. This may be a bit random, but what if Raven was Otto's mother?

  13. HECK NO.
    If Wikipedia is right, then no she can't be the mother. Check Otto's description, and you'll see what I mean

  14. Think Otto will ever find his parents??!!


  16. Er no, Raven is not Otto’s mother.

    @Maqui: You seem really excited about what you learned from Wikipedia, but you keep telling Number One to check it, and yet he/she hasn’t done so. Maybe he/she doesn’t want to find out exactly what happens and just wants to have fun speculating? (I know I’m a little hypocritical here, but I’m not giving away as much as Wikipedia does if you read the whole article.)

  17. Yeah...I actually fixed up the H.I.V.E. page when it was first made (I didn't make it) and then when I checked back on it to fix it some more (I hadn't finished, it takes forever to edit it) someone had put the secret of Escape Velocity!! >.< It was just a few days before my book arrived!!! >.< GRRR! I was SO pissed!

    I felt violated...cause someone spoiled it...

  18. "This may be a bit random, but what if Raven was Otto's mother?"

    dude i had the exact same theory for about 2 books, and then it got jossed *sulks*

    still it would have been a devastatingly weird scene if it had all been true ,especilay when it got to the part about the dad.

  19. I agree

  20. *cricket* *cricket* I'm lost. Oh....wait, no I get it now! EWW!!!

  21. Uh...I'm lost too... *cricket* Still don't get it...

  22. Hey, Number One here. So, who thinks the series will get as far as life after HIVE?

  23. No matter how much I love HIVE, I think that after 7 books the plot may get old. Besides, who ever said that they were going to finish HIVE schooling?

  24. I'm not sure but I hope...and if it doesn't...Mark'll have some 'splainin to do...and it better be damn good! I wanna see all growed up and acting like his...uh..."daddy?" I cannot say anything but yeah.

  25. Think it'll be like Pokemon (awesome at first, but gets lame after a few years)?

  26. Yeah...maybe...hopefully not...OH GOD ITS INEVITABLE!!!! >.< *cries*

  27. Yeah, but by then we will have gotton over our HIVE obsession and will move onto another!!!

  28. never!

  29. I agree!!! None shall take over...until it ends of course. But until then...H.I.V.E. Super Fly Team Go!!!

  30. Oh, I think so!! In a few years (hopefully not for awhile, though), HIVE will be old news. We'll have something new to obsess over!!!

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