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  1. Ah, another inhabitant of the seemingly eternal shed. Greetings, strange being from the depths of Shed Base Ment. *bows* Welcome to our humble abode. *indicates 3 story house in the background, with strange noises emnating from the cellar just as a puff of smoke comes from the attic window*

  2. and it means that i am slight aquatence of god!

  3. acquaintance MAE......

    ER, can you ask god if he can spell?

  4. *facepalm* my school hasnt even taught me how to spell reproduce

  5. @Mec: Sure. *turns to self* Can I spell? *turns back to self* No, absolutely not, but spell-check does wonders for me/you.

    Well, there you have it.

    @Flinch: Tease Luci all you want. That ambitious jerk...

    @Scottie: Fine, but I have my godliness/alien ghoul-ness on my side! I dare say that almost makes us equivalent in power.

  6. *looks in at all the destruction and quietly backs out again*

  7. Ah, the shed. *smiles happily* what. a. Place.

  8. glitch

  9. *stares at house*
    Is that puff of smoke... changing colour? 0.0 Flee!
    *disappears back into basement*

  10. *shoots at house* this cant be good...

  11. You wish, ER. You wish.

  12. *loads pistol* wwhy did i leave my rifle in my room?

  13. *smiles* thanks, ER, but I would have done that anyway. It's fun.

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