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  1. This was orginally Sherlock's idea, so don't let me take all this credit for this. Anyways, this idea had been abandoned, so I brought it back to life. And Mec, give the people a chance to voice their opinions on this before closing, hmmm?

    However, here is the cast for the Original Forum Family:

    Dad: Mango.
    Mother: Amaya, also know as that 'crazed anime-fan next door'.

    Their Numerous Children:

    Oldest Sisters: Caitie and Scottie, mature and sensible, but not around very often. Perhaps in college?

    Older Brother: Mecblade, the perfectionist, shut-away tech genius, who no-one seems to be able to keep up with, and is forever fixing hols in the ceiling/floor.

    Trouble Triplets: Cat, Sherlock and KMK. These marauding three live up in the attic, however, the extents of their mischeif are often felt throughout the house.

    Little Triplets: Rhiannon, Tora and Peridot. Slightely more sensible, but none the less all Forum-Family, we occupy the second floor.

    Uncle: ER
    Aunt: Hunny
    Aunt(s): Some Jap women.

    Their children:

    The cousins: Mark and Scarlette, the remains of whose experiments sometime litter our Irish castle.

    The other cousin: Mally, who moved out to preserve his sanity and now serves as our cook and lives in the basement.

    Anything that I have neglected to add? Mec can edit afterwards.

  2. a totaly separate family wich coinsists of mae and helen

  3. also, VC and me are twins, and belong to Aya and Mango. I like this thread, leave it open mec.

  4. mae: *visits the family* hey guys

  5. @Flinch- Really? *Checks start of FF thread* I didn't see you up on the boards, dude.

  6. That's because we didn't start off as Aya and Mango's, we started off as random kids. Then Aya decided we belong to her. *shrugs* I'm happy with that, and Mango just lets Aya have her way about the kids, so...

  7. *laughs*

  8. MAH KIDS ARE THE REMAINS OF EXPERIMENTS IN AN IRISH CASTLE? WHAT KIND OF SICK PEOPLE ARE YOU?! Those castles are beautiful works of architecture and big part of the country's history, just so you know. Don't defile them with the mixed blood of my children.

    Or, wait, mah kid's experiments have littered in an Irish castle? Is that where Hunny's been keeping them hostage this whole time, in case I disobey the restraining order thing (momentary set-back on our love, my dear, I understand!)? Well, then. Unfortunately, I will not be heading to Ireland to retrieve them because I'm deathly afraid of hearing a banshee. And I kinda hate my children... little freaks...

    Catie and Scottie are mature and sensible? HAHAHAHAHAHA. Tora, your sense of humor and/or increasingly low standards always amuse me. Except when you back-talk. Then I feel the need to slap the agnosticism out of you.

    No offense to you, Catie; I'm only jealous. Scottie? HAHAAAAA.

  9. um, should'nt we start the roleplay?

  10. Hello. glad i am not forgotten

  11. who are you?

  12. I love you too, ER... No, not in the way Hunny does, but in the way all teenagers are forced to love their crazy uncle that they may or may not actually be related to...

  13. scottie, like i am forced to love ben, my fat 14 year old brother thats so spoiled he has 80 video games 10 wich are still in boxes and has 15 remote control helicopters when his family are living of my dads money.

  14. Okaaay.
    You know what the sad thing is? *Sobs* I'm actually older then Bug. Where is the justice of the world gone? Ah, thats right, in one of ER's stir fry's. Thanks..

    On another note, being a triplet rocks, and on a certain forum I actually have them beliveing that I'm a triplet who was seperated at birth...Am I good? Or am I good? *Laughs* They really belive me, which is just funny. Or maybe its becuase it is actually true....

  15. I love that the family live here!

    ER, they locked up all the banshees ages ago. Some escaped and formed certain Irish pop bands though.

  16. Oh, and what about Emily? We're still not sure what relation she is but she lives in the shed.

  17. Em is just Em.

  18. @Cat- Weeell, everyone on my bus knows about you guys. I was telling them this afternoon about my uncle, God, who got grounded for creating the Universe. (Good job on that, ER. I was wondering, did you take Graphics in school? Wait, did you create school? SHAME ON YOU, GOD, SHAME ON YOU.)Also, my Irish tiwnsister. Now, Alice is really, really, skeptical about that, so I am going to get Peri to write a letter to her proving your existence. Of course, I mentioned Aya and Mango's wedding...and of course, the upcoming Cat's!

  19. can we start the roleplay?

  20. Yeah...when we can drag Dad down here...

  21. ok, i wonder when mummy will be back...

  22. *feels special because she has a nickname *
    Dont forget Jli! Our dog

  23. i think mec sealed him in a steel sphere...

  24. @Scottie: I also "love" you, as long as we aren't truly related. Then one of us would have to die. And to be honest, I wouldn't want it to come to that because I can seriously see it somehow being me.

    @Peridot: What about the dullahans? Even the DRRR-variety scare me.

    @Tora: I didn't get grounded! GOD! Isn't it so neat that I can use my /own/ name in vain? You guys, on the other Hand, will burn in the Land Beneath the Over-world for such an offense. You've been warned (also follow those rules I wrote on those rocks forever ago. What, like don't lie and stuff? At least make sure I don't see you disobeying them). Now, I didn't get grounded because I made myself my own mother and took back my sentence. My father wasn't too pleased about that business, so I was forced to become him, too. Then Jesus started asking questions and now it's a terribly paradoxical mess. God! Anyway, yes, I created skool. I've mentioned how much sadism I can get away with before, right? It was too tempting, I'm sorry.

    Not really...

  25. @ER: You? Dying? Obviously. You can't even beat me with verbal comebacks, why would you be able to beat me in physical comebacks(?) ??


  27. CHUCK NORRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHERE!

  28. We've established that Chuck Norris is on my side, ER. Therefore Chuck Norris roundhouse kicks you.

    Oh snap.

  29. *smiles* This is more like it.

    @ER: If you're God, and you're my uncle, (I am very very distantly related to you, therefore,) and VC and I are devils and know Lucifer, so... I can tease Luci that I know his nemesis! YAY!

  30. *frantically waves hand in air* even though I don't feature on the family forum much cos nobody's on at the same time as me when I'm out of school... I occasionally emerge from the hammock kingdom in the shed basement. Just so you know. Yep.

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