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  1. well its a fanfic that we all do together. i wright a phrase then someone else wrights a phrase, do not post two times in a row

    a mysterious figure walked down the darkened corridor of h.i.v.e, when suddenly, he heard a rumbling in the distance

  2. Sorry to say, MAE, but there's already one of these. Look for the thread called "Mini Joint Fanfics"

    -Thread Closed-

  3. Scottie, this should be ok. Multiple joint fanfics should be allowed because they're all different settings and it's more fun ^__^

  4. Fair enough. I'm moving it into the right section of the forum, though.

  5. yeah, that's fine

  6. ok! thats the fanfic section right?

  7. a mysterious figure walked down the darkened corridor of h.i.v.e, when suddenly, he heard a rumbling in the distance....

    The figure spun around to see water splashing through the hallway, a massive torrent of gushing liquid. The figure ran as fast as he could...

  8. but it wasnt enough, the water overcame him and he drowned


    ...only to be saved and captured by the one and only, Dr. Nero. When they awoke, the intruder was sitting in a white room, bright light shining on their face. A glass wall separated the person and the previously mentioned Doctor, who spoke to them through a speaker system built into the chamber. "I thought I'd never see you again-"

  10. it was otto,
    "haha,well...you know me"

  11. The former HIVE alpha grinned up at Nero, shaking water out of his ear. "Why are you here, Malpense. I thought I told you to never come back."

  12. With a malicious grin Otto spoke
    "Really, haven't you known me long enough to realise that I /never/ do what I'm told?" There was a cracking sound that echoed around the cavern, shakin the very foundations of the school and then, as suddenly as it had started, the rumbling stopped.
    "Otto... Don't..." Nero's eyes widened in panic as he worked out what the Malpense child had done, and with a deperate cry, he tried to run.
    'Now, now Doctor, don't you know that there are electrical impulses in the brain? Suffice to say that I learnt some new tricks while I was away." Nero frame began shak uncontrollably, be fell to the floor and the spasms became worse. His face began to pale and he couldn't breathe.
    "Natalya..." He croaked..

  13. the training simulation finished, your getting good, but you were nearly killed by a flood? not impresive

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