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  1. If you have a youtube account, tell me! Stalking you guys on H.I.V.E. isn't cutting it anymore. I want to prod into your daily internet lives -is doing the creeper voice imitation-

    Truth: I need more youtube videos to watch

  2. Look up Chad Vader on YouTube..its hilarious!!

  3. Will do! =W= b

  4. Try the pokemon theme tune live action.

  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSW4qDs-JU0

    Thats just one of the training videos...there are more. And episodes.

  6. Aha, so many good videos -nods-

  7. Did you watch that one?

  8. HA! That's HILARIOUS!
    The guy 'Ray William Johnson' is a legend. He comments on other idios on youtube and makes them more funny. Here is his channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/raywilliamjohnson?blend=1&ob=4
    He's a GOD!

  9. Now I can waste my life efficiently -nod nod-

    -clicks link-

  10. One name: Tobuscus (AKA Toby Turner). A man more perfect than me. Seriously, the /one/ man more perfect than me. Look him up. GOOD LORD, LOOK HIM UP. BECOME THE AUDIENCE.

    Oh, and Julian Smith. He might also be more perfect than I am. A video of his: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCVrhKGxKkU

    Oh, hell, and Wheezywaiter, too. The king of inside jokes. These three men are my God.

    the Harry Potter literal trailer was hilarious, and his Im on a Horse Old Spice remix is awesome!!!


  12. 'The Key of Awesome' do good parodies. Especially the telephone and California gurls ones.

  13. I'm intending to get a YouTube account. It shall be called SemiSkimmedWaffle. Cause it is.

  14. OH! Also, Neil Cicergia. He did the Harry Potter Puppet Pals. You've probably heard of/seen him. He did 'the mysterious ticking noise'. A classic.

  15. Ahh, him.
    I found the source of the ticking! It's a pipe bomb!


    SHIMMYCOCOPUFFS <He's hillarious

  17. BOOM!
    mwahahaha... *taps wand*
    voldemort, voldemort ooh voldy-voldy-voldy-voldemort!

  18. You know...I just realize none of you guys mentioned having a Youtube. Hmm. Very smart of you.


    I lost the link though...;A;

  19. teehee! That's cause I don't! ...okay, that's a lie, I do have one but I don't have any videos. Same difference.
    But Im guessing you do, Chibi? Care to share? Kekekekekekekekeke~

  20. Dumbledore: The elder swear..............YOU MUST NEVER EVER SAY IT HARRY.
    Harry: We promise dumbledore.
    *later that day*
    Harry/Hermione/Ron to neville: Your Mother is a -R18- -R18- -R18- -R18- Lorem Ipsum -R18- -R18- -R18- Admite` Barium -R18- Tragula -R18- -R18- Hippopotamus -R18- Republican -R18- -R18- -R18- and Daniel Radcliffe -R18- -R18- With a Bucket of -R18- -R18- -R18- In a Castle Far Away Where No One Can Here You -R18- -R18- Soup -R18- -R18- With a Bucket of -R18- -R18- -R18- -R18- -R18- Mickey Mouse -R18- -R18- -R18- and A Stick of Dynamite -R18- Magical -R18- -R18- Alakazam!

  21. Sorry there, Chibi. My Youtube username is "nameofdoom." Yes, I made it years ago during my obsessive Invader Zim phase. I'm not proud of it. -.-

    I'm going to sing the Doom song quietly now. Doom, doom, doom, doom, do-doom...

  22. ...

  23. Ahh, invader zim. I believe everyone loves that obsessively at one point in their lives...

  24. It seems like everyone has a Youtube account.


    /feels the need to get one

  25. I'm getting one...soon...maybe...

  26. I don't have one. My mother/father believes that the internet will corrupt me *grins evilly*
    Waaaaaaay too late, my parents.

  27. -Matrix Dinner
    -Matrix PingPong
    -Harry Potter Boom-De-Ya-Da

    *begins writing HIVE boom-de-ya-da* I LOVE EXPLOSIONS WHEN ALL THE LIGHTS ARE LOW...

  28. napoeon 14th! love him!

  29. Oh Mah cowz, ImprovEverywhere. Watch them right now. My favorites are Food Court Musical, Who Ya Gonna Call, Human Mirror Subway, Grocery Store Musical, and Grand Central Station Freeze. Be warned that the Home Depot Slo-Mo has cussing at the end. I LOVE THESE GUYS.

  30. Look up John Williams is the man. It should come up with an A capella by someone called Apprentice A. If you like Star Wars and are a star wars nerd like me, then you'll have so much fun watching it

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