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  1. Better him then Robert Pattinson though, I think anyway. *shrugs*

  2. Lol my school library has massive cut outs of them both...someone drew a moustache on Robert pattinson

  3. Your school library has cardboard cutouts of not one, but the both of them? *shakes head* Wow... that is somewhat worrying.

  4. Just a little bit...they're pretty damn scary too...

  5. *laughs hysterically* You think that's scary? At my friend's old school they all wore Team Edward shirts and would hiss at each other. yeah... Wish I could have seen that.

  6. Lol now that is funny!!!!!
    My friends were all team Edward, but they saw Taylor lautner and switched to team Jacob...

  7. Most of the people I know are Team Jacob too...

  8. Hmmm, I'm on team James. Because he's the ONLY one that ACTED LIKE A VAMPIRE!

    On another note, have Gackt!

    That man is gorgeous. And I love his music. ^-^

  9. I like James Marsters, but he's a bit old now (just a bit )
    He's a brilliant vampire, but Spike was amazing.
    Also Tom Cruise as Lestat, and Antonio Banderas, but these are just a load of pretty hot (or cold) vampires.

    I don't like anyone from twilight except Jasper.

  10. He looked constipated for the entire movie.

    Gackt made a hot vampire in Moon Child. *laughs* He's even hotter now, though. He doesn't look half his age. *grins*

  11. Yeah but he attacked Bella, that surely can make anyone love him.

  12. Good point. *grins*

    Have you ever heard of Dan Bergstein? He reads and summarizes the Twilight books on his blog. It's great. ^-^ Here's a quote.

    Argh! I hate you, Bella Swan! I hate you. I hate you. I hate you.
    I hate your stupid mood swings. I hate that you think Edward is neat. I hate that you can't see how rad Jacob is. I hate that one moment you're the smartest girl in all the land, and the next moment you can't remember what month it is. I hate that you're mature enough to take care of your parents, but so immature that you think it's flipping awesome when someone kidnaps you.
    I hate that you want to throw away your education, your future, your entire life just for the sake of some good-looking smelly monster. I hate your thoughts. I hate your dependence on others. I hate that you never scream and yell at Edward for treating you like a hamster. I hate that you left the Volturi Victims to die, and have never mentioned them or lost sleep over it since. I hate your shoes, because they're probably stupid. I hate the way you probably add an extra syllable to the word "theater." I hate you so much it hurts my hair. Agh!
    And now, after saying something negative, most therapists agree it's important to say something positive. So Bella, I like your truck very much. And I bet your lasagna doesn't taste bad. We cool?

  13. Thats brilliant, and entirely accurate, except the fact that Jacob is Rad, because he's only good in the first one.

  14. Glad you liked it.

    Soo, have you checked out that link yet?

  15. Oh, I'll look tommorow, because it's a bit late now.

  16. ....scottie is a fangirl.(she wont see this in time for lit so I'm safe)

  17. Fangirl of what? You kinda need to be more specific, Kitty.

  18. justin bieber. she kinda said as much anyway on pg1

  19. ok, ek, you die...tomorrow....and no im not a fan girl, i just think justin bieber is cuter then tommy knight...
    prepare to die...

  20. did anyone else see that video on the 3 year old crying over justin bieber?

  21. lol not the vid, just the story thing

  22. a three year old???? thats sad.
    and scottishlaura can you kill the fangirl hater for me? lol. ill send you my bow. ok?

  23. Fan girl hater?
    U mean EK???

  24. yep the one and only. unfortunately at the moment i have the flu so i cant do the job myself *sigh*

  25. ill get onto it right away...
    hmm, when do i have lit tomorrow??? period 1 i think

  26. http://30.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_ky1rlbUDp21qzpwi0o1_500.jpg
    lol check out that insult to justin bieber...
    most EPIC one yet

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