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  1. ok he is just soooo cute. i only watch SJA to see him.
    and ive looked for all of the roles he has played and watched them dilligently.
    i swear he is such a hottie.
    i don't generally go crazy about guys who i can't actually be with, (coz i cant be with them lol) but tommy knight is just something else.
    he is on facebook too. lol.

  2. I'm not sure I know who that is. What's he in again?

  3. Sarah jane adventures. heres a picture:
    he is lovely!!

  4. oh okay. I have never seen Sarah Jane Adventures, so I had never heard of him.

  5. is he nice or what?????

  6. that was a totally girly moment. *shoots self for being girly*
    *comes back to life*
    i'm ok now. and um.............pretend that never happened ok? lol.
    i mean the being crazy about. HIM! lol.

  7. Taylor Lautner is better. And he's legal now. *laughs*

  8. Taylor Lautner is HOOTTTT XD Except he's a little on the short side

  9. Psh, he's taller than me. *laughs*

  10. exactly. if he's taller then you then its ok.
    but if he's shorter.........well. lol.

  11. He looks kinda like Justin Bieber... But thats probably just me...does anyone else agree???

  12. justin bieber wrote the wikipedia article http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Androgynous

  13. he is nice!!!!!

  14. I don't like Justin Beiber. Sorry. Please don't hurt me.

  15. i didnt hear any of his songs i just saw a picture. so im not gonna be doing any killing. no worries
    i guess i shouldn't say he's nice according to a couple of pics

  16. Yeah he kind of sounds like a girl when he sings, I think anyway.

  17. oh.
    *looks on youtube*
    he does sound like a girl........but he's pretty cute lol.

  18. Lol I agree

  19. god!!! he has a lovely smile

  20. Ahahahaha lol... I discovered him accidentally on iTunes

  21. thank you scottie, im already in love....with his songs. and his smile.
    do you like george sampson?

  22. I know you didn't ask me, but no, I don't. *shrugs* Don't worry. You'll mention someone that I like eventually.

  23. I'm a bit late but, HAHHAHAHAHAHAH at Ebil Kitty's comment. I guess I like Justin Bieber's music and he's not that bad to look at.. but he really needs to hit puberty XD

  24. you can't blame him for not hitting puberty yet, people simply have no control over these things. Blame him for marketing himself as being male. My philosophy: you can be male, you can be female. you can even be transexxual. But for heaven's sake pick one!

  25. Lol sorry cr...and sorry whoever I've set this terror on...

  26. loool. its ok. i think justin beiber is cute. and he's songs are really nice.
    it took me ages to catch up with the other girls my age. i was virtually flat chested till about a year ago. and it took ages for all the other stuff to start up. but thats ok.
    you can't control what happens in your body (puberty wise at least)

  27. Lol, I wasn't apologizing to I cr...I was apologizing to everyone else...

  28. Fangirls. *sighs*

  29. lol when have i ever been a fangirl?? yeesh, ask ebil kitty if you dont believe me...

  30. yeah dont call me a fangirl!!!!! i just thought his songs were cute. i'll give you fangirl lol. my big sis cant even see a pic of taylor lautner without fainting. lol.

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