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  1. any cherub fans out there?
    im a HUGE cherub fan. and i feel a little alone here
    ok talk to me.

  2. I've read them too!

  3. woooooooohooooooooo. wait. are you a fan? or are you a hater? lol.

  4. I like them. Fan!

  5. im a fan too XD especially Lauren...and not cos she shares a similar name to me

  6. I like Rat.

  7. yeah , Rats cool too hmm, Dana is alright but only cos shes an Aussie...

  8. dana cheated on james! i hate her!!!! rats the austrailian. i think. i got brigands mc as soon as it came out. its brilliant!

  9. i reckon CHERUB is awesome

  10. FANFANFANFAN! Though I've only read the 1st one, since the 2nd one has been taken out of the libary by a REALLY slow reader. It's driving me insane.

  11. I JUST FOUND the first CHERUB book at the bookstore today. I've only read the first two chapters, but it's really good so far.

  12. It is, but please, if you get the second one before me, don't give me any spoilers.

  13. ive got 3 of em and have read all of them

  14. I wouldn't I hate spoilers, and you'll probebly get it before me anyway, considering how long it took me to find the first one.

  15. I like Dante. From Brigands M.C. But any other, I'd have to say Lauren.

  16. AHEM! ONLY READ THE 1ST BOOK! *laughs*
    I like Kyle and Kerry.

  17. Sorry. Kyle's cool, but I like Lauren best.

  18. Naw, I don't like Lauren.
    My favorate bit was the Basic Training...

  19. Yeah, I like that bit too. Especially the thing with the jellyfish. I like the bit when James gets beat up by Bruce.

  20. I like the bit where they get abandoned outside with barely any clothes on.

  21. Oh yeah. That bit's great!

  22. Need to read the latest book. :/

    *Everyone close by turns around nervously*

  24. lol. i would lend it to you if i could.
    i hhave brigands mc in hardback *does happy dance* cant wait for shadow wave!!!!
    and sorry about this im saying it again
    i have secret army wooohooooooooo
    *looks at ppl who are shooting daggers at me coz im shouting in the library*
    p.s i own these booooooks. ok lol. sorry thats a very weird post lol.

  25. i feel left out, i asked for CHERUB for my birthday, the 27th april, we ordered it but it still aint come, I have read the Henderson Boys books, they are set in world war 2 and r about how CHERUB stared, they r GREAT! But not as good as H.I.V.E.

  26. Hey, u guys r a bunch of traitors,lol, this is the H.I.V.E. website, if u wana talk bout CHERUB the go 2 that forum (which i am also a member of lol, i got the same username so u might see me,lol, but i never go on it, i am always on this one). But u might make Mark cry, he might think u dont like H.I.V.E. no more, lol.

  27. im on the cherub forum too i havnt been on for aaaaaaaaaaaaaaages lol. the hive oneis better less people if you get me

  28. yer, the H.I.V.E. one is better, mostly cus i genrely prefer the books.

  29. no i like cherub better yes im a traitor yes you can try to kill me. no i wont die. lol.
    but the hive forum is still better then the cherub one.

  30. If i were u i would be scared...
    U just better hope that Raven dont know where u live, u might not wake up one morning, lol.

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