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    So anyone on Facebook, please join!

    OH, AND IT'S CALLED F.I.S.H.! (Fans of an Incredible Series: HIVE, a.k.a. Alpha Stream!)

  2. Hey, i said that first, and ages ago...i just cant remember where... hehe oops

  3. oops i just hugged Maqui on facebook...ah man, now im dead...oh well, tanya will be satisfied...2 deaths in one day!!!

  4. DIE! *pushes off cliff*

    Whoops.... Ah well

  5. ah well what?? i realised after i sent the hug that i wasnt supposed to hug Maqui T...oops...

  6. Oh, Maqui, did you succeed in finding Mark on facebook??? i cant tell if they're the right one or not cos i hav a dodgy computer screen...

  7. haha dont worry maqui, i found him and sent him a message!! we should (hopefully) soon have Mark Walden in the official HIVE fb group!!!

  8. Oh no, please don't tell me....

  9. Don't tell you what??? is he scared of you or something??? haha, noit surprised!!

  10. Hey! Mark used my ideas! I'm so happy! *offers fish to everyone*


  11. I have no Facebook...
    Please don't hit me for not having Facebook. I'm practically the only person I know without Facebook...and it has gotten me lashed a lot... o_O

  12. I have no facebook either. I see no point in it.

  13. wow! Yay! A fellow not-going-to-get-Facebook person! I'm not getting one because it used to be Myspace and it might just change to Bebo or something...who knows?

  14. Beats me. *shrugs*

  15. haha my friend made my account for me... and btw amaya, it was me that used the idea...i sent an ivite for the group to Mark tho!!!

  16. the fish? I've seen fishy in this forum once before, and that was it...

  17. haha i put it in the group on fb Amaya...newbies get fishies and you get royalties!

  18. It's cool Nittie becuase Me and jj don't have facebook either!

  19. Sweet! My fishies are spreading!


  20. lol

  21. ~~~~~~~~|><))^>

  22. NO MORE FISHIES!!! (refer to yesterdays threads) BLECH!

  23. ahahaha fishys are cool though!!! most of the time..

  24. NO! NO FISHIES!! *goes off and pouts*

  25. Fishy... ah, Death Note Abridged... *talking to self*

    That's GENIUS, btw. F.I.S.H. Shame I have no Facebook. I have a couple of fake ones, though. I like creating profiles of suspicious people who may or may not be aliens from not-so-distant planets. Or possible serial killers.

    ... don't judge me...

  26. ummm...wow... very villiany!

  27. haha totally...oh and btw everyone, i just checked the group, and Mark is offically a member!! YAY!!

  28. I have no facebook, otherwise I would join the group. (I'm still incredibly flattered that you guys chose the name FISH.)

  29. that was my doing! no one had made a group so i was like, eh, why not, LETS CREATE! so i did, and they were the two names that i liked why dont you make a facebook account just so you can join the group and talk to Mark via it???

  30. I just joined

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