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  1. So, Tora thought it would be a good idea for us to pool our knowledge and I agreed, so prepare for a crazy mash-up of writing styles....

  2. Blood and Roses? Bring it on! So, Sherlock, are you going to start or are we going to sketch a story line first?

  3. tora... i warned you... guardian first!

  4. I'll start, but is it OK if I begin tomorrow? That gives me a chance to plan it and I might have some great ideas...

  5. Sure thing. I'll sketch some characters to twist into any situation.

    And Annon, I asked today if you wanted to post but you shrugged.

  6. what do you mean? post guardian?

  7. This sound cool. You're both awesome writers so you're almost guarunteed to come up with something good.

  8. ((Tora here. I'm 'round Rhiannon's place. It's a mud hut.))

    Cheers, Hunny. Can't wait!

    ((Rhiannon here. Toz is annoying me. This is NOT a mud hut!))

  9. Can you please log in yourself Tora? This is very confusing...

  10. but annon is writing as well. (me!) ( Rhiannon)

  11. That means two people are writing on one account and that isn't very good for my sugar starved brain and I've still got to write more of the fairy tales and then write another page of The Eagle before I go to sleep plus I've got karate tonight so I won't get home till about half eight and I've got science homeworek to do and oh, Tora, please just log in.

  12. Rhiannon says: no. this is my computer, and i think it is funny looking like a person who is having an argument with themself!

    Tora says: i agree

  13. tora: no! i didn't say that! Rhiannon typed for me!

  14. I didn't say that either, I yelled, NO, ANNON, GEROFF!

  15. I can't believe you guys haven't even asked what The Eagle is. Normally people say, what's that and I explain it.

  16. What's the Eagle? Sounds interesting.

    (Tora here. Rhiannon didn't really care, and she had the keyboard)

  17. It's the book/story I'm writing. The Eagle is just a title I've come up with for the moment, might change later. It's rather confused at the minute, but I know where I'm going with it. It has seven pages at the moment. It's probably the reason I keep daydreaming in class about what I'm going to do to Becca next. She's already been switched with her brother, taken to a different planet, been attacked by wildcats and exploded and she's still alive. She's not immortal or anything, but she's rather... different. I'll post it on my blog if you guys want.

  18. (Tora says) Oh, Yes please!
    (Rhiannon says) i agree with toz!

  19. I reckon it's awful but I'll put up the link. I'm not going to post it just yet.

  20. http://hunnybun295.wordpress.com/

  21. ((So, fingers crossed, let the joint writitn, begin! ))

    The two girls stood side by side, shadows masking their features. They didn't look human, they seemed to be more at one with night than any creature had a right to be, crowed in darkness as they were. The slightly taller of the two pulled up her hood before stepping into the match of moonlight that peppered the grass silver, but the other one left her hood down, displaying herself to the sleeping world. Her eyes were constantly changing colour, flickering with their own light. Stepping forward next to her companion, the other girl let the hood on her cloak fall, revealing silver eyes and deep black air. The girl with the changing eyes tipped her head to one side.
    "I can sense her." The voice had a slightly lilting tone. It was a soft, beautiful, like its owner.
    "As can I, Tora." Agreed the black haired girl. Unlike her partner, she had a hard, deeper voice. A voice that suggested its owner had seen things no girl of her age should see.
    And faint smell wafted through the sharp night air. A smell of blood and roses. The girls began to run, sisters in the hunt.

  22. Awesome!!!!

  23. Similar in their differences, the two children flowed as they ran. To human eyes, impossibly graceful. To a human mind, impossible themselves to exist. But if there was a watcher, an audience to witness their flight, they would not notice the subtle difference in gait. The taller, hardened child whose lean muscles powered her forward with intense speed ran flatter, more focused than her sister- smaller, lither; her run was almost a dew-skimming dance. And difference too slight to be noteworthy, staring blandly past, these on-lookers would soon would skim over any margin, for in the mist of the night, the two figures seemed to became almost one, paced, matched precisely to each other, but still separate, for they became sisters of the Hunt, borne of this night-haunted commitment. And it was because they were Hunting, that there would be no witnesses, no-one to watch, no-one to see. Until the two fluidly moving children slipped with the speed of the wind, into the clearing.

    See? Maths lessons can actually be productive.

  24. That's amazing. I've put a bit of The Eagle up on my blog if you want to read it.

  25. http://hunnybun295.wordpress.com/

  26. Wow Tora, I almost don't want to write more, I'm afraid I'll ruin it...

  27. Aww, please write more.

  28. I'll go type some more...

  29. Yay! Have you read my bit of The Eagle I posted on my blog? If you have please tell me what you think.

  30. ((Yeah, it's awesome. you used Jez! XD))

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