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  • Posted by H.I.V.E.mind2 6 years ago. There are 8 posts. The latest reply is from flying high12.
  1. I was rereading book 2 and I noticed that Gregori's son was briefly mentioned and that he was at HIVE. Does anyone else think that he, like Tom or Penny, has potential as a main or secondary character?

  2. I think it says he was at hive, cos gregori said that he is his most trusted litenuant(?)

  3. Nero says that Yuri is one of his best pupils suggesting that he is currently at HIVE.

  4. oh right. My sister actually lost the book so i dont have it as reference. I told ger if she doesnt find it within the week then she can buy me a new one!

  5. Hmmm, interesting thought there. Yes, he probably does have good secondary character potential. Who wants to bet he takes his father's place in GLOVE?

  6. Yuri doesn't go to HIVE anymore cause I just looked at the book and it said that he did go there but now he's a litenuant like flying high said and yaaah it would be reallly cool if yuri took his place cause his dad got..... wait.... all of you has read Escape Velocity right?

  7. Yeah, I've read all of the books. I didn't know it said that he had graduated HIVE in Escape Velocity. I'll have to check that out.

  8. cos his dad got kabanged

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