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  1. Is fish a group on facebook? Wow I missed a lot...




  4. ok im done with this thread

  5. FIIISSSHHHHYYYYSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. er...gogofish?
    My favourite type...XD

  7. i aint got facebook *runs of into corner and crys* i fell left out, but i am their in spirit

  8. Great idea, just tell me when it's started and I'll join for sure! Or I can start one if you want!

  9. We have one now. *laughs*

  10. There are 2, which one do I join? Which one are you guys on?

  11. FISH. I have no facebook so I might be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that they named it FISH.

  12. Why do you like fish so much??

  13. yes sadly its called fish but i have no idea why they picked such a despicable name

  14. ROFLMAO!

  15. I dont like fish They do. Do not ask me why

  16. Fans of an Incredible Series: HIVE

  17. its still stupid name

  18. i think FISH is a cool name, its inventive and different, even though i dont have facebook *goes of and sulks*

  19. FISH Is Amazing! Because it's like GLOVE! And HIVE!
    Is GLOVE any different?
    Ahaa, I love anagrams. (I don't even know if that's the word for them...)

  20. no,its not. anagrams are words made from other words using all the letters for example, tea is an anagram of eat. g.l.o.v.e and h.i.v.e are abbreiviations.

  21. thats a good word, anagram. a n a g r a m . A N A G R A M .(jibbers and mutters crazily as the donkey tranquilizers from the hive induction agent behind me set in, making me suitable for a six year trip to hive)

  22. Its F.I.S.H. (Fans of an Incredible Series, HIVE) aka Alpha stream

  23. yeah stupid#

  24. I got a fake Facebook just so I could join (me got no real one XD)

  25. 12 days and I'll make an account.

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