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  1. I found Mark Walden on Facebook. Muahahaha.....

    I'M NOT A STALKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyways, I NEED YOUR (the people's) HELP!

    Should I befriend him there? Because I really wanna, but I don't wanna come off as a stalker....


    So seriously: WHAT SHOULD I DO?

    Oh, and another note:
    Who here has a Facebook? Because I wanna befriend you THAT'S WHY.

  2. I have a facebook

  3. Cool! What's your name there?

  4. no facebook, amd yes, friend him. If he asks why, tell him you're Maqui. That'll explain everything. ^-^

  5. I don't have a facebook, but I'm thinking of getting one. A lot of my friends have one, and I have trouble contacting most of them.

    Friend Mark. Definitely.

  6. totally! and i dont have one

  7. I only have msn not facebook. I don't really want facebook anyways. It looks....busy

    And yes but Don't stalk him!

  8. Stalk him! Stalk him!

  9. teehee

  10. LOL I sent a friend request already and YES, I mentioned that I was Maqui T., so that probably means tha he won't add me

  11. I have a facebook now. Bad me.
    Anyway, who're you, Maqui, so I can friend you?

  12. I'm Maia Dapul there. Oh, and add your name as 'Tanya' in the personal message, coz I'm partially paranoid to stalkers ^_^;

  13. Hi Guys

    Just a quick post to explain that I only accept facebook friend requests from people who I know "in the flesh", if you see what I mean. The reason being that I have no control over what other people put up on my wall so I have to be a little bit careful. What I'm going to suggest is that instead of me friending everyone we set up a HIVE fan group on facebook. Do you guys think that would be a good idea? If so, whet do you think it should be called?


  14. Right-o, Mark. That would be better than fans searching for you on Facebook ^_^; Anywayz, I suggest you name it whatever you want.

  15. Alpha Stream?
    The crazy fans?
    FISH (Fans of an Incredible Series: HIVE)?

    (I like FISH. ^-^)

  16. Oh that's a good idea :DD Uhhh HIVE? I like amaya's ideas

  17. ~~~~~~~~~~~|><))^>


  18. I like FISH.
    FISH is awesome.

  19. Excuse me, but could I suggest something? I'm quite fond of the idea of Amaya. Alpha Stream sounds cool.

  20. I like all of it!!!! FISH is cool but maybe we need something more obvious.

    And Innokentiy are you a new member? Well WELCOME!

    We're crazy. Really crazy.

  22. Don't worry. She's been forewarned.

  23. I reckon Alpha stream and FISh are the best...im adding u on fb!!!

  24. Cool. And yes, I'm new. I've been a member since Dec. 2.

  25. Someone just started a FB group...MARK YOU HAVE TO JOIN!!!!
    its called F.I.S.H (fans of an Incredible series, HIVE) aka Alpha Stream!
    look for it and join!

  26. ahh, maqui t put a link in a new thread called all my facebook peeps or somthing so look for it!!!

  27. FISHIES!

  28. I have a question, who started this group for HIVE? I know Luci Watts (I think I misspelled her name) did but does anyone know who she is on this site?

  29. haha that would be me my mum made me have an alias so i came up with a random name do you like it???

  30. oh and recoloured my profile picture too i was really bored

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