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  1. OK in this part when i say the bad people i mean like HOPE and number one because everyones bad in these books.

    Has anyone else noticed how often the bad people would have won if they hadn't tried to make the "good" people suffer or something, or let them know that their enemies have won before they die.

    I explained that so badly so I'll give an example:

    In Overload Protocol, when the pilot tries to shoot Raven with a sleeper he says "I have an urgent message-... from Cypher,"

    If he'd just shot he without messing around, she'd at least have possible died.

    I guess that's the point of the book though. The villains act villainy and have to say their lines, and want to see suffering though. Plus they have to have style though. But then the pilot died so i guess he's regret it.

  2. I wasn't so bad in H.I.V.E. as much as in Alex Rider. In Alex Rider it was basically the same outline for every single book: stuff happens, villains find out, capture Alex and tell him about their evil plan, Alex escapes, uses knowledge of evil plan to save the day.

    But, to drag it back on topic...
    In fact, I didn't notice it much in this series. I guess it comes with every villain's job description that he must make a dramatic entrance before killing the victim.
    Also, if he hadn't said "from Cypher" the reader wouldn't have known why on earth the pilot randomly decided to kill Raven.

  3. I guess that proves that although nero doesn't think so HOPE and Cypher do do things with some style after all! I am glad though i don't want them to die.

  4. If they did there would be no more story. So, yea, I don't either.
    I guess Mark doesn't either, and since he's writing it, if he doesn't want them to die they won't. I wonder whether he'll ever kill off one of the "good" guys though...

  5. The contessa was good-ish. she went evil but died as a good character.

    If one of the main 4 died who would you choose? I'd have to say Laura. Ottos the main character, Shelbys funny, and Wings loyalist. But i do like Laura too.

  6. hmmm cyphers is only captured alhtough for all acounts and plotting purposes he might as well be dead and verity and constance copped it so id definalty say mark hasnt got an adversion to killing people off, i think its mostly to do with how bad they actaully were, cypher was evil but at least he had some cause.verity and constance were just killing for the fun of it, plus they were a bit cheesy ,methinks they got a bit envious of ravens awsomeness and decided to have a go.:)

    edit: shelby or laura could go, shelbys an excellent theif and laura is a brilliant hacker but both raven and otto could take over theire functions with ease. on the other hand there both funny, shelbys obviously wings love interest (and visa versa) and they give otto and natalya a free hand to do other stuff the others cant do. basicly i just hope mark dosent get too evil (mind you fomr that picture it may only be a matter of time)

  7. Mark would definitely not kill Otto. That's for sure. Wing... only if he was being really cruel, since Wing was Otto's fist friend and all that. So that leaves either of the girls.

    No, I don't think Mark has an aversion to killing people. Most authors don't. It's just the main characters that they have trouble killing. So, Otto, Wing, Shelby, Laura, Nero, maybe Raven, Franz, and Nigel. And possibly the other teachers.

  8. i think the teachers would be more expendable, i mean he killed off contessa and she was the coolest. aside from nero of course.still what a way to go, mark if your reading this if you kill any of the main characters off make shure to give them a send off as tremendous as that.after which we will of course kill you, but at least we'll say how amaxing it was afterwards

  9. Renewing life insurance now


  10. Well, first of all we'd have to find out your address...

  11. oh thats easy we just dowse for him: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dowsing

    i tried this yesterday with terry pratchetett and it led me into my wall (although i have no idea what he's doing there). then it poked me in the eye.i dont know if this means im a good writer too or if i really pissed of the god of stupid things to do today.

  12. Personally, I don't think killing off main characters would do much to the story other than turn them emo for a bit. You all remember how sad they were in the Overlord Protocol when Wing "died"? Yeah...I don't think that he'd kill off any of the "big" characters (since good doesn't necessarily apply to them) becuase it wouldn't serve much purpose. If anyone here has read comic books the only thing its good for is to boost sales. And even then there's always a way to brign them back. (ala Jean Grey or Superman)

  13. O_o

    But he's not a water well, nor is he a piece of buried metal or ore, nor a gemstone (in the literal sense anyway).

  14. it worked when i tried too look for annoying things-( i ran into my little sister)

    mind you knowing him he probobly lives up a mechnical treehouse that floats around on a pizza powerd by awesome sauce, so even if we find him it'd be some climb to get too him.(and steal the plot for the next book)

  15. Hee hee, mechanical pizza house. I always imagined him living in a house like the Baba Yaga's. On shicken leg stilts in the woods away from the outside world and in recluse to write his books and Otto (the cat) has his own little throne of evil...muahahahahahaha!

  16. same here! i just thought the pizza idea would be easier for people to imagine

    hmmmm you know i might just have a go at drawing that *wanders off to find pens and slapheaded chicken to scribble on)

  17. well, if evil people don't tell the good person that they'll die, they would die, and the author would be assassinated by the fans. either that, or this is just the normal thing.

  18. OMG!! First, you guys have read Sisters Grimm?? Second, I agree. Thirdly, I wonder if cat Otto acts as Marks personal body guard. He would sure frighten me away!

  19. I'm afraid the only thing cat Otto guards is his precious food bowl..

  20. no, cat otto protects his food bag, not the bowl. if the bowl is empty, what does he have to guard?

  21. the sisters grimm is apreety good book a little young 4 me at times but still a god book

  22. I know...my friend got it when she was like, 10 and rediscovered it recently. She thought it was extremely cute and made me read it. Even though its really fantasy kiddie, its sweet. (WingLover thnx 4 introducing me)

  23. I've seen it many times (the Sisters Grimm) in the library, but I never borrowed it...maybe I should!
    As for the evil people...I've always known that true evil stems off stupidity...let me explain.
    Evil Genius: A person who plots and have brains. Likes to cause mischief in the world, but tries to avoid too much gore, anarchy etc. Examples from book: Otto, Dr Nero
    Crazy/Stupid Evil: Where someone has been driven over the brink by some traumatising event and goes on a rampage OR when someone is simply too stupid to know the consequences of actions like being recruited by HOPE or blowing something up and they don't regret after they find out. Sometimes curable... Examples from book: Cypher
    True Evil: Where a person with pure evil intent is born into the world. This type of evil person is bent on destruction and is usually laden with bad traits like selfishness and the capability to annoy. Enjoys the sight of other people suffering. Examples from book: Overlord (not really a "person"), Sebastian from Hope, Verity and Constance
    Compiled by me, based on Elmesa's theory of eeeevil.
    I don't want ANY of the HIVE main characters to die!!! They're ALL brilliant favourites of mine...

  24. laura cant die cos she need to end up wiv otto wing cant cos hes had a near deth shelby cant iver cos she makes me laugh i think franz or nigle should die

  25. I don't think this is a good thing, but I think Raven will die in the last book since she always seems to die then gets out of it. So when she properly dies we'll think she hasn't until the very end and then we'll cry for the rest of our lives.

  26. i hope raven dosent die if she dose boohoo i think some 1 will but dont know who:(

  27. I think what Raven said is right, not that I want that to happen. At all. I will cry if she dies.

    Does anyone else think Nero might die?

  28. No, Nero can't die. And I'll cry if Raven dies, and embarrass myself in front of everybody.

  29. Oh I will cry if Raven dies too, and then everyone will give me weird looks and never let me forget that I cried from reading a book, but they won't understand how tragic it really is because they don't read HIVE, so they won't know that the world is practically ending!!!

  30. I cry through most books.
    Heres a funny story my techer told me about crying in Jane Eyre.

    My teacher- Oh yeah, I cried when Janes freind dies, it's so sad.
    Random boy- Oh yeah, I cried at that bit too, when I realised there was still 200 pages to go.

    Sounds more funny if you hear it though.

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