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  3. (Alicia)

    Ramón's eyes travelled upwards along the remainder of the wall. This part was shaped more like a normal rock wall, but of course the hand holds and footholds were smaller and spaced further apart. This, though, I could deal with. I'd done it so many times before, even if I didn't like it.
    Whatever they were doing, they seemed to be driving us up, higher and higher. 9I briefly wondered if this was too obvious a way to go, if we should look around us more, but Ramón was already moving.

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    It was obvious this was the way. Almost...too obvious. As I looked around to find some other way, I realized this was it. This was the only way we could go. "I...think we should sit for a minute," I admitted, sitting down and pretzeling my legs. "My arms hurt, and honestly, you're in no shape to go anywhere in a hurry. We know right where we're going to start, so let's take a breather."

  8. (Emily)
    I blinked. Henchmen? Jli..?
    I curled my lip in disgust.
    'That's obscene.' I argued, staring flatly at him. He looked back at me, just as flatly.
    'How so?'
    'Well, for one thing, it is totally contradictory of your own words.'
    'Reaching said full potential?' I let my words hang, as if obvious. 'Encouraging kids to be evil, and dominant, then trying to force them to comply with your wishes?'
    'It's not negotiable.' He said, his voice hard.
    'Of course it's bloody negotiable!' My voice raised, and I stood up. The silver tendril burst from my wrist, and hurled intself at Nero, a sharp, deadly spike. I was suprised when It stopped in mid air, and even more so when I slumped to the floor, the world becoming black.
    I woke in a small room. In a jar was my silver tendril. I reached for it, and tried to open, or smash said jar, but it appeared unbreakable, and pulsed with blue light. The room was locked, and had no windows, and was white, but not padded. A guard sat outside the perspex door, reading a paper.

  9. *Jli*
    I started to cry, I think, while Emily argued my case. I was in shock... Henchman? Me?
    And then, of course, the world went black and I woke up in a small, white room. In a Henchman't uniform. FML. I banged repeatedly on the locked door, and found myself in one of those obscene collars again. Hell, no.

  10. (Emily) A potted plant sat in the corner, and I stared at it, trying to make a connection. But I could not, and a sharp prick in my ankle made me look down to see a bulky device fixed around it, which appeared to have a needle inserted into my bloodstream, I leaned down and smelled it. It was like a mental calculation in my head, and I thought, with some admiration, that inventing a fluid to stop my abilities was quite advanced, even for that Gonzales woman.
    My legs felt heavy, and I was unable to move them. I realised it was a beneficial side effect of the drug they had used.

  11. *Jli*
    Actually, this collar was different to the other one. This one had three needles protruding from it, one into my spine, one into my jugular, and one into my throat. I scowled and tugged at it, triggering a dose of sedative which I couldn't fight. That left me to faint. I did, and then I had the SCARIEST dream.
    I was in class, but as a henchman. They were in maths, and we were learning the 2 times table. I said that this was rubbish. They then sent me to detention. I was sent to an execution chamber, which was like an air-tight tank. The roof opened a hole and green gas poured in. I hammered on the door and tried to get out, but there was just Emily standing there, laughing. The gas lapped at my legs and was rising quickly. I had always hated gas, and had been sick seven times in one lesson about WW1 warfare, and gas attacks. I bashed agaist the door, and my legs gave way. I fell to the floor, and into the gas cloud clinging around my feet like a toxic blanket, waiting to smother me.
    I woke up screaming, and being shocked senselessly by me collar. I couldn't stop, and was terrified of trying to remove it and triggering another trip to dream-land...

  12. ((Narumi))

    She walked over to me. She smiled, and I paled. I've face of soldiers and stared death in the face. But this? This was worst than anything I've seen before. "You, belong to me now, Warrior. Obey me," she said, tapping a button on the side of the bed. My binds unlocked and I rolled out of the bed. "Pledge yourself to me now." She said, looking back at Yumi-Sama. "He will be mine"

    "No. I'm am not yours. I am a warrior of the Watanabe clan." I replied in English.

    She turned with a look of surprise on her face. "Oh, you speak English. Good. I won't have to spend time teaching you," She said smiling. "Now come. Kneed before you new mistress."

    I shook my head. "You are not my master," I said. She frowned and replied, "It seams you will need......training."

    What did she mean? She waved her arms, and I raised my hands to block whatever was coming. A wall of force hit me, and I was sent sprawling. "Now obey me, warrior," She said sneering. "You are MINE. Your every fibre, your every breath, exists only because I will it."

    "No," I replied through clenched teeth. "I belong to Yumi-Sama. No one else."

    "What loyalty," She sneered, and pointed in my direction. "What good will loyalty be now?"

    Sparks of electricity flew from her finger and hit me. "Obey ME!" She screamed. Pain flowed through me, and I screamed in agony. She then stopped, coming over to me. "Now, will you play nice?" She asked sweetly. "Break your bond with the Princess now."

    I shook my head. "Never," I spat back, and her face darkened.

    Scowling, she sent another bolt of electricity towards me, and I screamed again. "We'll try this later," She muttered, clicking her fingers. Two men entered the room and dragged me back to the metal bed and strapped my back.

  13. (Renn)

    I scowled at her, and pretended to continue searching. Suddenly her eyes flicked to another sofa, opposite us. I grinned, and made my way across. Bending down, I retrieved my black box. Dialla was looking at me with wry smile.

  14. (Dialla)

    "You found it!" I said with a smile. "Good job."

  15. ((Diana))

    "Oh I don't know," I snapped back. "You left me before, and Don't tell me you weren't all over her when I met you just now."

  16. ((Daria))
    Hangnail, cruel trick, although I had used the same on her last week.
    We entered the cavern, both reaching up at the same time to tie on light blue sweatbands that smoothed back our hair.
    "So good of you to join us Ms. Nestor" Colonel said sarcastically, pointing at the two rows of bedraggled students doing warm-ups.
    "But Colonel" We both said sweetly and simultaneously, "Salad waits fo no one"
    He went slightly red with anger.
    "Warm up, now"
    And I remember the days trainers were there for the trainees benefit.
    Oh, Im guessing you mean sometime before our time.
    Of course.
    We both took our places beside the other students and started a flowing series of muscle stretches, I could already feel myself warming up, tiny frzzles of hair escaping to frame my face.

    "Today we have a wonderful obstacle course for you alpha's"
    And I have a wonderful trip to a dark and damp place for you Colonel.
    I saw my sisters lips twitch.


    "Generally I'm more quiet" I said, meaning compared to today. He understood what I meant.
    "How come?" He said, dipping one hand into the cool water and then watching the drops flicker accross the water.
    "Because I never really had any to talk to" I shrugged when he looked up, "You know how it is"
    He nodded.
    "People get scared Einar, that all"
    "What, of my seal-cub eyes?" I fluttered my girlish eyelashes.
    He laughed.
    "No, I think it might be the hair" He pointed at my still lopsided hair. I laughed a little before dipping my hand in the water and using it to try and sort out my hair.


    I was having quiet hysterics in the corner at the spiky Mrs. Harmon-s scrawled accross his papers. Utterly hilarious. It had been too long since I had had this kind of entertainment.
    The teacher had, thankfully, turned to berate a tiny little girl with masses of brown curls for drawing a cariacture of him on her notebook. ((She is soon to be a new RP charrie ))
    "Nice to see you back Rukesie" Another boy said, reaching out to..what? Ruffle my hair? I ducked my head out of the way and breifly glared at him.
    "Yup, and you havn't got all hospital-fied" He said with satisfaction before facing back the way he was supposed to.
    I shot a look at Jetsu, who shrugged and then winked at me.
    Okaaaay What was going on?


    I blushed a little bit then reached out and took his hand.
    "It's fine" I laughed somehwta nervously.
    "I'm sorry" He repeated, still sounding all embarassed.
    "No, really, its fine" I said again, before lifting his hand up and putting my head close to it. "It's just hair"


    "I'm sorry" I whispered into the darkness. "So, so sorry"

    Tears silently streaked down my face, gathering at my chin before dripping off.

    She has my eyes.....

    I wanted to start again, from when we landed, from where it all went wrong.

    "What do they want?" I heard myself whisper hoarsely, "And why?"

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    Also, WHY are we moving? We should do a better job of letting people know about it.))

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    It was creul, I reasond, staring at the jar before me, upset that I could not contact it. The door opened, and I looked up, the rest of my body immobile. He stooped down, and picked up the jar. I looked at him warily, angrily, hate burning in my eyes.
    'Some experiments, she said.' He mumered.
    'NO!' I screamed, trying to get up, thrashing with my arms, trying to catch him. I screamed, my voice hoarse, but managed to grab his ankle, and the jar, cradling it to myself. Several more men entered the room. They seized me, and pinned me, wrestle the jar off me, then dropped me back to the floor. My inanimate legs sprawled awkwardly, and I buried my head in my hands, sobbing.

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